Lily and Dusty have breakfast in the hotel room. He tells her they could have breakfast down in the lobby if she isn’t afraid to be seen with him. She says well then they would have to get dressed. He notices the front page of the Intruder and is furious. He says Emily is using the paper to help her boyfriend and this has got to stop. Lily says Emily is punishing him for not selling out to her. He picks up the phone and says he is calling Emily, because this has got to stop.

Bob sees the paper and is shocked and upset. Kim comes in and asks what is wrong. He shows her the paper. She says Oh My, Christopher what have you done now. Then she says well it really wasn’t his fault he didn’t write it. Bob says no but he surely didn’t do anything to stop his girlfriend from putting it in print.

Brad spills the beans about him and Katie having a baby together. Vienna is excited and asks if they spent the night together and tried to make a baby. Katie says no, she is going to get pregnant by artificial insemination and Brad is going to be her donor. Henry is freaking out. He excuses himself for a minute and runs off to call Jack and tells him to stop Katie before it is too late.

Henry admits to Vienna that he left the diner to call Jack and tell him Katie’s plans. Vienna is mad at him for interfering in Katie’s business. Henry really is worried now since Vienna is this mad at him. He asks her if she is mad at this over Katie or is it personal to her. She tells him she does want a baby but she thinks he was wrong for calling Jack, after Jack hurt Katie like he did. Henry says well she forgave him after he left her at the altar so who is to say that Katie won’t ever forgive Jack. She grabs her purse and he asks her where she is going. She says she is going to stand by her friends’ side and give her some moral support. He asks her if this means she is leaving him and not coming back. She whispers to him she will always return to him and calls him her love. She kisses him and walks away.

Brad and Katie are at the sperm bank and Brad is nervous. He tries to talk Katie into doing this the old fashioned way. She tells him no she is not going to have sex with him, it is this way or nothing. The nurse gives Brad a stack of nudie magazines and he says he has read all of these. He asks Katie to please go in with him but she sends him off to the room telling him he will do just fine. While she is waiting for him she sees Jack come in. She asks him what he is doing there. Jack lets her know that Henry called him and told him of her plans to have a baby with Brad. He accuses her of just wanting a baby that looks like he does since he and Brad are brothers. He tells her she says she doesn’t want to see him yet if she has Brad’s baby they will always be around each other through the kids since his kids and the baby she wants to have with Brad will be cousins. This includes during Holidays and birthdays. Katie threatens to call Margo if he doesn’t leave her alone.

Brad is having a problem producing his sperm in the cup. He is sitting there thinking of Katie and he imagines her walking in saying this was just a test to see if he would do anything for her. He says to her that he will and he has really tried but he just can’t do it. She tells him in his fantasy that he doesn’t have to but she wants him to make love to her right now so they can make this baby. He imagines her sitting in his lap kissing him when the door opens bringing him back to reality and it is Jack.

Brad asks him what is he doing there. Jack sees the books spread out on the bed and asks him hasn’t he already read all those. He tells Brad he is not going to let him make a baby with Katie. Brad tells Jack he has no say in this. Jack tells Brad yes Katie wants a baby but she also wants one with a guy she is in love with which is him. Jack leaves the room, after pointing out to Brad that Katie just might not want him to have anything to do with this baby once she has it. This gives Brad something to think about. When he comes out the room, he tells Katie he just couldn’t do it and tells her he will talk to her at work later. The nurse asks her if she got the sperm donation and Katie says no she didn’t and she doesn’t think she will from Brad.

Vienna convinces Katie that she should take Brad up on his offer to have a baby with her because there aren’t too many guys out there that would want that. Katie gives this some thought and realizes she is right so she calls Brad. She tells him she thinks they need to rethink this and maybe try the old fashioned way to have a baby.

Bob looks for Chris in the lounge at the hotel. Kim tells him she bets that Emily will be with Chris. Bob tells her that he wants to talk to Chris alone so she agrees to let him, but tells him if Chris walks out to tell him to at least stop out there and say good bye to her. When Bob goes in Emily excuses herself to let them talk. Out in the lounge Kim sees Emily and asks her what is she trying to do. She asks Emily if she is trying to get Chris to marry her or is this just another ploy of her to tear their family apart. Emily assures her that is the last thing she wants. Then she asks Emily then just exactly is she planning on getting out of all of this.

Jan Barrett

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