Lily tells Dusty she has to go to the farm to pick the girls up. She promised them to have the best girls’ night out ever. He asks her is she is nervous and she said sort of. She feels like she has to do something so amazing to outdo Holden or they will hate her. When she gets out to the farm Faith tells Lily she has too much homework so she has to stay there. She and Lily talk. Faith tells her she just doesn’t want to leave her Dad there at the farm. Lily is hurt but she tries to understand.

Cole comes into the hospital room and Sofie asks him how much he tried selling their baby for to his sister and her husband. He tells her that he already told her he did it for the good of the baby. She asks him if he still is going to insist she put the baby up for adoption. He says yes and he is looking forward to their new life in California to start. He offers to go talk to the lawyer and make sure everything is on the up and up. She says ok. She asks if he is going to come back to take her home and he says yes. He says things will be great out in California and they can even get married if she wants to. This got her attention.

In the hotel lobby Gwen and Will are looking for Barbara to find out the truth from her. Iris hides when they come in so they don’t see her. Will comes out point blank and asks her did she really do it. Barbara acts all innocent and starts blaming Alison. They tell her not to blame Alison. When they corner Barbara with questions she finally tells them that she bets this is all Iris’s fault. Gwen tells Will this makes a lot of sense. It is just like something her Mom would do. They leave to go and find Iris. After they are gone Iris comes out and tells Barbara that that lie is going to cost her big time. She tells Barbara that was a cheap shot blaming it all on her. Barbara tells her that it is the truth, it was all her doings to begin with.

Tom is at the hospital for a random doctor’s appointment and runs into Chris. Chris gives him a hard time over the way he was with Emily a few days ago. Tom defends himself saying he was there meeting with her on Dusty’s behalf. Tom tells Chris that Emily is looking at a rough time until she honors her contract with The Intruder and Dusty. Tom then changes the subject and says that Bob wouldn’t be so hard on him if he didn’t really believe in him and his abilities.

Will and Gwen realize that the few thousand dollars Barbara mentioned giving to the lawyer wouldn’t be worth Iris’s time to get involved with this. They wonder where the huge sum of money would come from that would get Iris’s attention. They go back to look for Barbara and Iris and they catch her giving a chunk of money to Iris and telling her to leave town. Iris tells Gwen she came up with the idea and Barbara tells them all she was trying to do was get them a baby, it is what they wanted. Iris tries slipping out with the money but Gwen grabs it and calls her selfish. She hands the money to Will and tells them she and Will does not want Cole’s baby.

Emily shows up at Dusty’s door. She hands him a page that she intends to run on the front page of the newspaper. She tells him he wins, she is back to work. He asks her what this garbage is. She says it’s called journalism and if he doesn’t like her work to buy her out. He says well he doesn’t hate it that much and agrees to run it if she wants to. Dusty asks Emily if Chris knows about her being a hooker. She says he doesn’t know and she can’t believe he would even bring that up to her. He tells her he won’t tell anyone about her past. She apologizes for accusing him of thinking about it.

Cole finds Barbara in the bar and tells her he can handle Sofie. She tells him it is over, that Gwen and Will don’t want the baby. She tells him to get out and she never wants to see him again. Cole goes home and starts packing. Sofie comes in and catches him packing. He tells her it is over, that Gwen and Will doesn’t want the baby now. She asks him well what kind of monster is he. Cole tells her he never intended to marry her. He says she was his ticket out of there. Barbara Ryan was going to pay him big money but she blew that for him. Now it is over. She begs him not to leave. He tells her to get it through her head he doesn’t love her anymore and then he grabs his bag and leaves. Sofie sits there crying, feeling all alone now.

Gwen is taking this all really hard. Will tries to comfort her but she is really upset. She starts throwing things and says that’s why she didn’t want to hang the ornament Barbara gave them for the baby, because it jinxed it all. She says she just hates all this and starts crying in his arms. Will promises to stand by Gwen no matter what.

Jan Barrett

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