Jack sees the real estate agent and asks her to please help him get this house he wanted to buy that seems to have been sold now. She makes a call and she tells him that the house was sold to a local TV star that apparently is buying the house for someone really special to him. Jack says who it is. She says well it’s a coincidence that the man’s last name also happens to be Snyder.

Brad tells Katie he bought the house for her that she and Jack was going to buy. He offers to give himself to Katie to have his babies and is confusing Katie. She tells him he can not be a replacement for Jack. Katie goes to see Vienna who is responsible for putting the bug in Brad’s ear about Katie having his babies. She tells her she does not want to have Brad’s babies. Henry listens to Katie’s story about Brad offering to let her have his kids. He asks Vienna whatever made her do that. She says it is because it is what Katie wants. After Vienna talks to her, Katie starts thinking that maybe she is right. She thinks that maybe she should go for this. She calls Brad later and asks him if maybe she and him could continue the conversation they were having earlier and wants to know if he can come over right now. When he gets there she tells him she needs to talk to Tom and see how she stands with this legally. He stops her asking her if she is saying what he thinks she is saying. She says yes she wants him to make her pregnant. He gets excited like he wants to start right now but she stops him. She says no, she wants to do this the right way. She tells Brad to put his shirt back on. She tells him they are not going to be doing anything together. She says they are not a couple and never will be. She says she will get pregnant through artificial insemination. She says she just needs his semen.

Alison goes to Will and Gwen to tell him she has something to tell them about the baby they are thinking of adopting. She says she is pretty sure she knows who the mother of the baby is. At first Will says they shouldn’t be talking about this, but Gwen says if it is something about the baby they should know. Alison tells her the baby is Gwen’s niece. She is Cole and Sofie’s baby. Alison tells them how she and Aaron realized that Cole was up to something. She tells them how she had some drinks with Cole to get him to talk and he started spilling his guts out to him. She says she is sorry but she isn’t wrong here. She finally convinces Gwen and Will when she tells them about the knit cap Sofie gave the lawyer. Gwen says that she just doesn’t think Barbara would do this to them but Will says yes he thinks she would. Alison says she is leaving but she hopes they understand why she had to tell them all this.

At the hospital Aaron and Cole fight and Sofie hears them so she comes out and stops them. Aaron tells her he knows who the adoptive parents are. Cole tells him to stay away from his girlfriend and quit adding more stress on her. Cole wants Sofie to get back in bed but she wants to know what they were fighting over. Aaron tells Sofie that it is Gwen and Will that is going to be adopting her baby.  Sofie tells him that Cole would never let his sister raise her baby because he hates his sister. A guard comes in and tells them they have had a complaint against the noise. Cole gets Sofie back in the room and when Cole goes off to find out what’s holding up the discharge papers, Aaron came back in and tells her to that Cole is using her to get money for this baby. Sofie doesn’t know how Cole could do this and keep it from her. Aaron apologizes to her for having to tell her this but he thinks she deserves to know the truth.

Cole comes into the room with a hospital security guard telling him that Aaron is the guy that almost broke his nose. The guard makes Aaron leave. When he is gone Cole asks Sofie who the hell is Alison Stuart anyway. She says a blonde pretty girl. She says that Aaron told her that he and Alison had a few drinks together the other night and she was told he came on pretty strong to her. She asks Cole how he could do that to her and to their baby.

Jack heads for the farm where he finds Brad. He comes up from behind him and pins him down over the counter and asks him what he is trying to do to him. Is he trying to show him up by buying that house? Brad tells Jack he is offering himself to Katie so she can have kids without demanding any commitments on her. He says this is what she wants. She wants kids before her biological clock runs out and Brad is offering to help her there.

While in Old Town, Jack sees a couple with a child playing with the child. Jack imagines it being Brad and Katie with a child of their own. He imagines Katie telling Brad thank you for making her a mother. Then when he comes back to reality, the couple walks away leaving Jack wondering now. Emma walks up surprised to see him sitting there and asks him what is on his mind. He tells her about Katie wanting to have Brad’s baby. He tells Emma that he still loves Katie and he can’t imagine life without her. He says Katie is hung up on the idea that he will never get over Carly but the truth is he is in love with Katie. Emma tells him that if he loves Katie then he better start really fighting for her.

Vienna tells Henry she wants to know when it will be her turn to have a baby. Henry doesn’t want kids so he tries to talk her out of it but she is upset saying she wants them now. She tells Henry she wants an answer soon or she will go out and find her own Brad Snyder.

Jan Barrett

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