Carly is nervous about opening night worried something will go wrong. Lily walks in and asks if Dusty is there yet but Carly says no. Carly is worried that the band might not show up. Jack tells her he wants to get the lead band singers autograph for Parker but Carly says oh no that would only be bad luck. She is scared of what he will think if the band doesn’t actually show up now.

People start coming in and Katie shows up with her camera man but Brad is right behind her. She tells him to go away. She says she thought she told him not to come. He says he couldn’t let him come out for New Year’s Eve without a date. He says he can’t have her looking like a loser. She tells Brad she is not on a date and she is there working and wants him to leave her alone. Jack walks up and tells Katie he really appreciates her covering this. He asks her to save a dance for him. She says she is working but he says one dance won’t hurt so she finally agrees.

Carly finds out the band is not going to show up. Sam offers to get on the stage but she says Jack is going to be mad enough at her. She tries to call Gwen but only gets an answering machine. She finally agrees for Sam to get on stage but only him, not with the dummy. Jack wants Sam off the stage but Carly gives him to go ahead. Once he gets on stage he impresses Carly with his guitar playing and singing.

Jack has the chance to talk to Katie and asks her to sit down with him for a minute. He wants to ask her something. She says ok and gives her camera man a break. When they sit down Brad joins them uninvited and interferes. Jack offers to take him outside with this til one of his men come up and tell him there is a problem with the guest list. When he leaves the table Katie jumps down Brad’s throat about always wanting to make decisions for her. She tells him if he doesn’t stop acting jealous and trying to interfere every time she and Jack start talking this whole baby making scheme will be over with and then storms away.

Luke and Noah are planning to go to the party but Luke tries talking Holden into going with them. Holden says he never has been much on parties. Luke tells him that he thinks the reason he doesn’t want to go is because he doesn’t want to see Lily there with Dusty. Noah comes in and he and Luke go out to leave but Luke decides to try one more time. He tells Holden he is going to give him some advice. He says if his Mom is moving on with her life then so should he. He says besides he is the coolest guy he knows, of course besides himself and then he laughs and walks out. Holden starts thinking about it and decides to call Bonnie. She says she was just on her way to Metro and wants to know if he would like to join them. He says not really he wants to stay as far away from Metro as possible. She says OK how about meeting him at The Lakeview instead.

Luke wants to be really open in public with Noah but Noah is a bit uncomfortable saying this is the first time he has been in public. Luke asks Noah to dance with him but Noah tells him it is too fast for Luke to be dancing to with his cane. The next song is slower and Luke asks him to dance again. Luke says he only has one question. He wants to know who leads. Luke laughs and they start dancing. After the dance, Luke asks Noah if he wants to go somewhere that they can be alone and then suggests that they go to his house. Noah agrees so they leave the party.

At the hospital Dusty is asking Bob about what happened the night he collapsed. Outside in the hall Emily tells Chris to go check on his father and then they will go to the party. When he walks towards the room he sees the nurse that he gave strict orders to not to leave his father’s side and starts yelling at her. He tells her she is in some real trouble now. He looks through the window of Bob’s room and sees Dusty in there talking to Bob. Chris throws Dusty out of the hospital and tells him if he catches him near his father again he will have him arrested. Dusty asks him what is he afraid of. Before Dusty can leave the parking lot Emily jumps in his car and they have a fight over Chris. Dusty tells her that Chris is going to hurt her. She asks if he means like he hurt her by sleeping with her sister. He finally admits not liking her being with Chris and how jealous he was but he says him being like that doesn’t mean he is wrong about Chris. He says he is a dangerous man. Emily says she came after him to tell him to leave Chris alone and she starts to get out of the car. Dusty grabs her and kisses her. He apologizes for that and starts to reach over her to open the door for her to get out when she stops him and she reaches for him to kiss him again.

Lily goes back to the Lakeview and she sees Holden there with Bonnie. She starts to go in where they are but decides against it thinking if she did she would be letting him know how bad off she is with no date so she decides not to let Holden see her. No one around there has seen Dusty so she cancels the breakfast room service she had ordered for his room and decides to go to her room.

Brad gets Katie in Henry’s diner and they talk about what is going on between them. She thanks him for pulling all the strings he could to get her away from Jack. He says
OK it is almost midnight. They bring the New Year in and then he will take her home. She asks what about the traditional New Year kiss. He says oh ok, since it is just traditional. When they kiss it starts heating up and Brad stops himself telling her he is always warning her against Jack but the truth of the matter is, he needs to warn her against him too. He says from now on it will just be to make a baby and he runs out the diner leaving Katie sitting there with a smile on her face.
[As The World Turns will not be aired Monday or Tuesday but will return Wednesday. Happy New Year’s everyone]

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