Kit and Sam are putting posters up on windows in Old Town to advertise the grand opening of Metro and of the Charity Fund being held. Jack walks up and tells them to stop what they are doing because it is illegal. Carly walks up and when they explain it to her she tells Jack what they are doing was her idea so if he is going to arrest someone for it to arrest her.

Lily goes to the farm and she asks Holden if he knew Luke was going to be able to stand on his own and walk. Holden tells her no, it was a complete surprise to him too. He tells he is glad she stopped by because there is something he wanted to talk to her about. He tells her that he would like to finalize their divorce after the holidays by flying to Reno and getting the divorce faster. Lily is really upset over this. She says fine after all the years they have been together and now he wants to end it with a quickie divorce. Her phone rings interrupting so Holden walks out.
Carly is worried that they are not going to have everything ready in time for the grand opening. Kit and Sam say no thanks to her ex husband. Carly says sarcastically that Jack was only doing his job protecting the city from people placing unwanted posters all over and they all laugh. Sam tells Carly that Kit told him Jack will be there for the opening, and then Kit adds yeah but with another woman. Carly says through gritting her teeth that she wants Jack to be happy even if it means bringing in the New Year with another woman. Sam says well she still has them and then Carly says and they have each other which she says is a good thing.

Carly goes to see Jack at the police station and gives Jack three complimentary tickets to the Grand Opening. Jack tells Carly how much Parker is against Sam and his dummy. Carly defends Sam. Jack warns her that she better keep Sam’s dummy away from him tonight. She says she will make sure to let Sam know his dummy is not invited tonight. She says she is going home now to get all dressed for the night. Jack wished her luck.

On her way out Carly runs into Lily and she gives her a pair of tickets to come tonight. At first Lily tells her she doesn’t know if she is ready for that but Carly tells her she should come. She finally agrees and thanks Carly. After Carly walks away Lily calls Dusty and invites him to join her tonight and finally he agrees. Then she bumps into Holden literally knocking the envelope with the tickets in her hand to the ground. He apologizes for the way their last conversation ended saying he didn’t want it to come out that way. He also says he would like to be able to sit and talk. She says she would too so she looks around for somewhere to sit when he notices the envelope on the ground asking if it was hers. She tells him yes and explains what it is. He says Jack gave him a pair of tickets for it too and she asks if he is going. He says no but wants to know if she is. She says well it won’t be an actual date and then he says, oh so you are going with Dusty.

Emily is at the hospital with her son Daniel. Chris takes Daniel off somewhere leaving Emily there to look for her mother when Dusty walks up and startles her. He says he heard Bob was awake now and talking. She says the man said Merry Christmas that is hardly classified as talking. She asks him if he wants to hear Bob say that his son caused him to have his stroke. Dusty says that is what Bob will probably have to say. Emily asks him why he is pushing this. He says her boyfriend is lying to everyone. She tells him not telling someone something isn’t lying. Chris walks up and tells Dusty he thought he made it clear that his father’s hospital room was off limits to Dusty. Dusty tells him he will go where he wants to go.

Lily is shopping for a new dress when Lucinda walks in. Lily asks her did she get the sudden urge to go shopping or something. Lucinda says she ran into Holden and he told her that she actually was going out on a date tonight with Dusty. Lily says that is funny because she ran into him too. Lucinda tells her to forget Dusty but Lily reminds her that the good guy in Lucinda’s eyes is the one that doesn’t want her anymore.

Jack gets a call and all he says is you have got to be kidding. Later when Carly goes home she walks in seeing Kit and Sam with the dummy. Carly tells him that she hates to say this but the dummy is not invited. As she speaks someone is at the door and when she opens it, Jack is there with a US Marshal. He says he hates to say this but this man has a warrant for the arrest of Kit. When they come inside they says they have a warrant for her over charges of forging checks and then crossing the state line. Carly asks Jack to at least delay this. He says this is out of his jurisdiction. He promises to try and talk to the guy to give them a little more time. Kit makes Sam promise her that if they take her tonight that he will stay there to help Carly. He says he can’t let her go by herself but she says no, Carly will need him. Jack comes back in and says he is sorry, they won’t wait, Kit has to go right now with them so they arrest her.

Carly and Sam arrive at Metro all dressed up and Carly is nervous. Sam tells her everything will be fine tonight. He says he is there to make sure of it. She thanks him for his support and then sends him to the storage room to see if the box of Champagne has arrived yet.

At the farm Jack comes down all dressed up. Parker asks him where he is taking Katie tonight. Jack says no where but he is meeting her at Metro. Parker is upset that he will be with Katie at a party his mom is hosting. Jack says things will be fine, but Parker is less skeptical and says but remember it is Mom’s party. When Jack is about to leave Parker tells him to tell Katie Happy New Year for him and that he is sorry. Jack asks sorry for what. He says for what his Mom does tonight to try and keep him and Katie apart.

Dusty calls Lily and tells him he is a running late and wants to know if he can meet her at Metro. She says ok. When he hangs up he goes to the hospital and sneaks into Bob’s room to talk to him. Bob opens his eyes and Dusty asks him if he remembers being with Chris the night he had his stroke. Bob just lays there thinking.

Jan Barrett

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