Katie gets in the elevator and Brad is in it too. He mentions something about their session of their attempting to make a baby. She says well with the Christmas holidays it is kind of hard. She says they will just have to fit sex in sometimes. He suggests going back to her place but she says no he can not spend the night with her. She says they will just have to make time for sex. He stops the elevator and says that no time like the present. As they are getting hot and heavy together they accidentally hit the button on the door and it opens only to have Henry come in with his puppy. He covers the puppy’s eyes asking Katie and Brad if they have no shame or have they got no coats?

Aaron is there with Sofie. She is having a hard time dealing with not having the baby with her. She says she misses her baby. Aaron asks her is she going to change her mind about the baby. She says she wants her baby to have a good life and she knows Gwen and Will can give her that. He asks her does she want to go see the baby but she says no because she can’t see the baby without wanting to take her with her. She wants to call them to see how the baby is but before she can her phone rings and it is Gwen wanting to make the adoption legal and says they can have the papers drawn up and ready to sign within a half hour. Gwen offers to go to her but Sofie says no, they can meet at the Lakeview in a half hour. She asks Aaron if he will drive her over there.

At the Lakeview when Gwen and Will arrive they find Sofie and Aaron there waiting. Sofie is surprised to see that they brought the baby. Gwen sees it has upset her so she offers to have Will take her outside and wait for them but Sofie assures her it is OK. Gwen tells her they have named the baby Hallie Jennifer Munson (Hallie after Will’s father, Hal and Jennifer after his sister Jennifer) and Sofie likes the name. They say they can wait for this if she wants more time but she insists it is ok and signs the papers. When Sofie is about to leave Gwen tells her that they are planning to christen the baby and says maybe she would like to come and offers to tell her the date but Sofie says it would be best if she wasn’t there. Then she and Aaron leave.
Carly goes to Jack and thanks him for letting the kids spend Christmas Eve with her. She does have a good idea that could help the police department but Jack doesn’t want to hear anything about it. She suggested a fund raiser for the police department as a part of her grand opening at Metro for New Year’s Eve. He accuses her of only coming up with this because she wants something. She goes home and tells Kit and Sam that Jack wouldn’t even hear her out. She says though with or without Jacks help she wants this to be a success.

Jack goes to Carly’s after talking to Margo about this benefit and tells her he changed his mind. He says they will go along with it. Carly asks him why did he change his mind and he says because he will get something out of this. Kit isn’t happy with this and she tells Carly she wants her share of the profits and Carly can give them her half. Sam stops her and says maybe Carly is right here. Kit asks what Jack has to gain in this. She says she can trust him if she wants to but she doesn’t. Kit thinks he is up to something but Carly begs for this chance to get close to Jack again. Sam convinces her to let Carly do this making Carly happy.

Jack goes to the TV station interrupting Brad and Katie as they are about to make plans to get together for New Years Eve. He tells them she won’t be spending it with Brad, she will be with him at Metro. Katie says he is crazy. He says this didn’t come from him, her boss was all for the idea. Katie storms off to talk to Kim about it and when she comes back she confirms what Jack said. Kim wants her to cover the benefit for the station. Jack leaves after saying it is a date then. Brad is furious and says she can’t do this. Then he says he will just go with her because someone has to protect her from Jack. This makes her mad and tells him he will do no such thing. She tells him not to go. He storms out after saying she will not be going with Jack alone and that’s final, he will be going with her. Katie goes after him and tells him he has to be kidding her by telling her she can’t go to Metro without him. He tells her he can’t tell her where she can go but he says he can tell her one thing. She is not going there alone without him. She says not if his foot is broken and she stomps it and walks out leaving him in pain. Later she comes back to make sure he was OK. She tells him to find someone else to spend New Year’s Eve with and for him not to go to Metro.

Jack walks in at Metro finding Carly there. He tells Carly that the place seems to be coming together. He says he also arranged to have some press coverage for the opening, thinking it would be great publicity for her. He says he has it all set up for Katie to cover it. Carly is surprised to hear that he is bringing Katie and shows her disappointment in hearing this news. She asks him why does Katie have to be there as a reporter. She says Katie hates her and that she will bury her with her review of the opening. She asks how come Katie couldn’t just come as his date instead.

In Old Tow Lisa runs into Barbara assuming she knew all about Gwen and Bill adopting Sofie’s baby. Barbara is all excited about having a grand daughter now and heads over to the cottage catching Will and Gwen right after they got home. When Will answers the door he doesn’t let her inside. She tells him she just heard about them adopting a baby and asks if she can see her grand daughter. Will tells her he wants her no where near them or the baby after what she tried to do to them, leaving her devastated.

Jan Barrett

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