Sage is upset telling Carly that Christmas Eve just isn’t the same without her Daddy. Carly tries to comfort her when someone knocks at the door. She says well look there is her father now. Sage is all excited and runs up to Jack and hugs him. He tells Carly he was just passing through and decided to come see the kids. When the kids go to get Jack some hot chocolate Carly accuses him of only coming in to make sure that Kit and Sam isn’t there. Jack asks her if they are there. She says no, she has told them to stay away from the kids when they are there.

At the hospital Kim arranges for decorations for Christmas to be put in Bob’s room and she tells Chris she has decided to have the family Christmas with Bob in his room. She tells Chris she plans on bringing Bob out of his coma during the holidays. She says she knows this will work. Tom comes in and says he has someone that just might be the one to bring Bob out of his coma. He opens the door and says to come in, bringing Daniel in making Emily very excited to see him. Kim gets Daniel to walk up to Bob’s bedside and start talking to him. Daniel starts talking about fishing trips they took and then he asks his grandpa to wake up. Chris goes outside the room and Emily follows him asking what’s wrong. He says his father is not going to wake up. Emily says how he would know that and he says he doesn’t know anything he just doesn’t want his mom to get her hopes up for nothing. Just then the door opens and Kim says to come his father seems to be waking up. Chris goes in and checks on Bob when Bob’s eyes open. Chris sends the family out the room saying he needs to examine Bob but Kim refuses to leave the room. Chris is about to tell Kim he needs to run some more tests on Bob to find out how much damage the heart attack has done to him. Kim is about to walk out when Bob grabs her arm and asks her to stay. Kim is all excited and asks what he is trying to say to her. He says stay again and then says Merry Christmas.

At the diner Sam runs into Parker. Parker is there because he doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas with his Mom. He says it just isn’t the same anymore. Sam tells him that when he gets older he will regret this if he doesn’t spend time with his mother. He asks Parker if he even got his mother a Christmas present. He says no, so Sam gives him an Angel statue. Parker says in case he hasn’t noticed his mother is not exactly angel material. He tells Parker to at least think about it, and then walks off to get coffee. While gone, Parker leaves the diner and the angel sitting on the table.

Parker goes home and Carly gives him his Christmas present. It is a framed jersey from an all time Star hockey player. Sage wants to know what is so good about that. Parker is shocked. He is surprised that Carly would even remember how important that man is to him. He says he is the reason he started playing ice hockey to begin with. He wants to know where he got it. Carly tells him about how she mentioned it to Sam about how much she wanted to get one. Parker asks her if Sam got this for her for him and she says no but just the mention of Sam’s name upsets and walks out.

Aaron goes to see Will and Gwen and asks them if they have heard from Sofie. They said no, but Aaron says she is no where to be found and he is worried about her. They all go to the hospital and ask if Sofie is still there but the nurse says mother and baby have both left, about an hour ago. Gwen says she can’t believe Sofie took off without telling anyone. Will says maybe she changed her mind about giving them the baby to raise. Will tells her to just let it go and go home. Gwen tells Aaron if he finds her to tell her she still wants to give Sofie those things for the baby.

At home Will tells Gwen she is allowed to be mad. She is packing the baby things and she says she is not angry. She says there was a moment there at the hospital when she was hurt when she heard that Sofie took off with the baby but once he put his arms around her she realized it was all going to be ok. She felt comfort in his arms around her. Just then the doorbell rings and it is Sofie standing there with the baby and a smile on her face. She tells them that she had to take the baby from the hospital because they were going to give her to social services and then give her to a stranger and she didn’t want that. She starts crying and saying that she thinks she will have another chance one day. She tells them that she just needed time with the baby to say goodbye.

Gwen and Will are confused but Sofie tells them that she wants them to take her baby. She says that she just hopes they will always let her be a part of her life. Gwen and Will are in shock they are so happy. Sofie says she is theirs if they still want her. Will asks her if she is sure. She says she wants her daughter to have a family with a Mom and Dad and a family that love her. She says they can give her everything that she can’t and that is why she wants them to be her parents. She hands Gwen the baby.

When she leaves she watches Gwen and Will through the window for a few minutes and then walks away. She goes back to the Wagon Wheel and starts crying. She turns around and sees Aaron standing at the door and he tells her Will called him and told her what she done. He is there to make sure she is ok.

Jan Barrett – Merry Christmas Everyone!

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