Vienna catches Henry on the phone talking about papers and he says that he has cash. She interrupts him and he hangs up really fast. She wants to know just who he was talking to about papers. Henry sneaks out and when he comes back Vienna scolds him for sneaking out on her like he did. He tells her that he knows they have been talking about getting a baby so he thought he would get her the next best thing, but he thinks it could be even better. He pulls out a puppy out of a box and tells her Merry Christmas. Vienna is so mad that she storms off. She tells him when he goes after her that she doesn’t want some dirty animal, she wants a real baby.

Holden and Luke talk about inviting Lily to come out for Christmas with them for dinner. Holden asks him if he is ok with it. Luke asks him why it would be a problem for him to spend Christmas with his own mother. Holden picks up the phone and calls her and starts’ asking but Luke takes the phone calling him so lame. He asks Lily to come out to the farm for diner for Christmas. When they are all having dinner Luke surprises them all when he gets out his wheelchair and walks to get the butter. They are all so excited.

Cole brings Sofie some medicine and he says the pharmacists told him it should help her with the pain. Sofie is crying and she says it is because this is her baby’s first Christmas and she thinks it is sad. She says the baby deserves a good mother. Sofie gets a call asking her to come to the hospital because they need to talk to her. When she gets there she meets with the woman that called and she finds out the woman is from social services. The woman drill Sofie asking how she plans to take care of the baby. This makes her realize she can’t take care of the baby herself.

Gwen and Will bring a gift to Bob’s hospital room for Christmas and when they come out they run into a nurse that reminds them that every year Bob use to sit and read  the book “The Night Before Christmas” to the children that are patients there. She asks Will if he would mind filling in for Bob this year. Will says he would be happy to. Aaron and Sofie walk in and hear Will as he is finishing the book. Sofie hears the nurse thanking Will and Gwen and telling them they both will be wonderful parents one day.

Later Sofie goes to Will and Gwen’s house to talk to them. Gwen tells her to come in because it is freezing outside. Sofie tells them how nice their place was now. She likes their Christmas Tree. She sees the stack of baby stuff and Gwen tells her that was the things they told her about that they had bought for the baby. She says they were going to bring them to her. Will asks her what was it she came there to ask them. She asks them if they really meant it when they said she was like family now. They tell her yes they meant it. She says she hasn’t decided for sure yet but if she would let them adopt the baby would they let her be a part of her life. They say yes of course they would. Sofie tells them she is going to go but she promises to talk to them soon. When she leaves Gwen asks her what does he think, he says Merry Christmas and they hug each other.

While Lily is out at the barn with the kids to see the new horse, Bonnie shows up at the door to see Holden. She apologizes for just showing up like this. They sit down and talk and talk. When Bonnie finds out that Lily is there it makes her think that Holden doesn’t really want this divorce. He says he does but she doesn’t believe him. She hands him tickets to the Chicago Bulls Game and tells him to take Lily to the game with him. He thanks her for the tickets asking how she got her hands on them. When Lily and the girls walk in Lily is kind of uncomfortable seeing Bonnie with Holden so she leaves telling them she will be back in the morning. Bobbie says she has to go to. Holden thanks her for the tickets. She says no problem then leaves.

Bonnie goes back to the diner to look for her day planner that she left there. She tells Henry that it is really important that she finds it. They start looking for it when Bonnie spots it on the floor. She starts yelling that there it is. She sees the puppy has it and is eating the pages in it. She starts screaming even more. Henry starts to pick up the puppy but Vienna jumps ahead of him and picks the puppy up saying how sweet he was. She doesn’t like bonnie so she thinks this is ok what it has done. When Bonnie says it is not ok, it just ate her planner. Vienna tells her well that should teach her not to forget her things there when she leaves. Henry is totally surprised at Vienna’s change of heart towards the puppy. Now she seems very pleased with it and even him again. She even names the puppy. She calls him Peper which is short for pepercocker. Henry smiles and she goes off to the kitchen with Peper, thinking he got her the perfect gift.

Jan Barrett

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