Gwen tells Will that she can’t stop thinking about Sofie’s baby. He says he was wondering how she would handle that. She tells him how amazing it was watching the baby come into this world.

At the hospital Sofie wakes up and finds Iris at the foot of her bed. She asks her what she is doing there. Iris says she came to see her beautiful grand daughter. Sofie asks her if Cole is there and has he seen her. Iris says no and then hesitates. Then she says but he gave her something to give her. Iris hands her papers that Cole gave her to give her that are legal papers giving all his parental rights up to the baby. She tells Sofie now the baby is all hers. Sofie asks how Cole could do this.

Gwen walks in and runs Iris out of the room. She says at least Cole did one thing right by giving up his and Iris’s rights to the baby. Iris says no way, that doesn’t include her rights as a grandma with visitation rights. Gwen says yeah but a judge would think it would if he hears about her trying to sell her own grandchild.  She tells Gwen she has threatened her before but never goes through with it. She says well this time she has Margo’s number on speed dial so Iris leaves.

Sofie asks Gwen if she saw the baby yet. She tells Gwen how the nurses came in earlier wanting to know if she wanted to feed the baby. She says she told them no, that she wants to sleep. She asks Gwen if that makes her a bad Mom. Gwen says no she knows it only means she loves her. Just then the nurse comes in and says it is feeding time and wants to know if she is ready to nurse her. Sofie starts crying and tells her to take the baby away. She later calls Aaron and asks him to come to the hospital to see her, that she needs him.

Gwen tells Sofie that she talked to the nurse in charge and told them to keep the baby out of there til she is ready. When she walks out the room, she runs into Aaron. She tells him Sofie is in bad shape. He goes in the room to talk to her. Sofie asks him right away to help her get out of there. She says she can’t stand it in there anymore. She says all the nurses keep coming in asking her if she is ready to breast feed and it is making her sick. She wants him to take her back to the Wagon Wheel to her room. Aaron says he won’t take her back to that dump. Sofie says either he takes her there or she will go by herself.

Sofie checks herself out of the hospital and Aaron takes her back to her room at the Wagon Wheel Hotel. He tells her he really thinks it was a mistake for her to leave the hospital. She says she couldn’t stand it there anymore. She says she felt like they were all pressuring her about what she was going to do about her baby. Aaron told her that he doesn’t think anyone was pressuring her. Gwen and Will come to the door to check on her. Gwen tells her that she just got a great idea and says they will be right back. They just have to make a phone call. They come back in and tell Sofie they arranged for her to have a room at the Lakeview and when she is well enough to go back to work they will just deduct some from her check to help pay for the room. And if she decides to keep the baby then she is welcome to stay there too.

Paul walks in and startles Rosanna asking her if she really thought she could get away with this. She looks surprised and then he says she snuck out of bed again. He apologizes to her about putting her through this with Meg. He says she was right. Meg is having Craig’s baby now so she is of no concern to him anymore. He notices Rosanna doesn’t seem to be listening. She was thinking about Craig telling her he knows about her switching the paternity tests.

Meg wakes up and sees Craig on the computer on a medical website. She asks him what is he doing and he says nothing. She tells him not to worry about their baby. She says the doctor says it is only a slim chance that the baby will inherit this disease. She picks up the phone and he asks her who she is calling. She says her doctor. She wants to have some more tests done to find out more. Craig hangs the phone up and tells her he doesn’t want to do more tests. When she wants to talk about it, he tells her he is late for work. 

Craig runs into Paul in Old Town and tells him that Meg is all his now. He tells Craig that if he has any decency in him he will forgive Meg for what she has done and treat her right or else he will lose what might be the best thing that has ever happened to him.  Later Craig meets a guy and buys some illegal drugs. He wants to give them to Meg to cause her to miscarry. When Craig gets back to their hotel room Rosanna calls him and asks him if he is going to tell Paul the truth. He tells her about him running into Paul and as far as he is concerned he hopes he never has to see him again. Rosanna says then that must mean he isn’t going to. Craig tells her Marry Christmas but Rosanna says wait. She says does this mean once Meg has the baby that he will be able to raise that child as his own. All Craig says is and Happy New Year too, then he hangs up.

Meg comes in and tells him she has some good news. She says she was out at the farm and her mother has invited them to come over tonight for dinner. Meg thinks this is a great sign that Emma is accepting him into the family. Craig says he is sorry but they can’t go. She asks if they have something planned. He says yes they do, he has ordered room service and was planning a quiet evening in the room together. Just then room service knocks on the door.

Craig calls Emma and apologizes to her about not being able to come to dinner but she understands. He gives Meg the phone after talking to Emma and Emma tells her that is a side of Craig she isn’t use to. She tells her to have a wonderful night with her husband and to be sure to take care of that beautiful baby growing inside her. As she says that Craig is pouring Meg a drink and putting some of the drug in it for her. He hands Meg her glass and says of course it is non alcoholic for her. She is about to take a swallow then she says wait. He asks what is wrong. She wants to make a toast. Her words touch Craig. Just as she is about to drink from the glass he knocks it out of her hand cutting his hand. She asks him why he did this. He starts to tell her then says it was a bug in the glass.

Jan Barrett

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