Emily tells Dusty that everyone seems to think that Chris is doing a great job running the hospital while Bob is out of commission. Dusty tells her well that’s just great considering that Chris is the one that put Bob there to begin with. Emily defends Chris by saying he loves his father and wants nothing more than for him to get better. Dusty asks would he be willing to give the job up though to get his Dad better.

Chris takes the head doctor off his father’s case and takes full charge himself. Tom comes out the room just as Chris tells the doctor that as chief of staff, he can take over in treating his Dad. Tom asks if he thinks this is such a good idea. Emily walks up and Chris is happy to see her. She tells him about her talk with Dusty and she says Dusty can be some trouble for him because she thinks he knows about the fight with Bob before his stroke. Emily pushes Chris to keep up the good work. She says she will stand by him 100%. His phone rings and it is Kim telling him she needs to talk to him right away.

When Chris shows up at the hospital with Emily, Kim asks Emily to excuse them so they can talk. When Emily walks away she sees Dusty and she asks him what he told Kim. Dusty says he told her the truth. Kim asks Chris how come he didn’t tell her about him and his Father having a heated argument. Chris tries to make it look like Dusty is only doing this to him because he is jealous that Emily picked him over Dusty. Kim falls for what he said. Now she tells Dusty she wants to have a little talk with him.

Vienna had Brad’s credit card to buy Katie jewelry for Christmas for Brad. She tells him that she got her the perfect thing. She loved being able to shop for luxurious things again and offers to use it to buy more things but Brad says no thanks, this is enough.

Katie tells Jack he can’t just show up at her door with a Christmas tree like this. He says ok she is going to have to make him pull out the big guns. He puts on antler ears and starts singing. She stops him and gives in and lets him come in. After he comes in and they shut the door Katie asks Jack what he is doing there anyway. He says he heard about her and Brad calling the making of the baby thing off. She asks if Margo told him. He says yes but Carly told him about it before that. Katie tells Jack she can’t keep doing this. She can’t let herself get hurt anymore. She says she did everything by the book this time and she still didn’t get pregnant. All she wanted was her own family. Jack says his family could be hers. She tells him no because they are also Carly’s family. She just won’t go back there again. Jack looks at her so sad and then walks out leaving Katie in tears.

Brad heard Katie with Jack inside her room earlier so he decides to leave them alone. He gets down in the lobby and calls Mia and asks her to meet him for a drink at the lounge at the Lakeview. He explained that the thing with Katie is not happening and he will tell her all about it when she gets there. When Mia gets there Brad tells her that the thing with Katie is over. She notices the gift in his hand and she asks if he has been shopping. He says he bought it for the most beautiful woman and he hands her the bag with the gift in it. She opens it and it is a necklace with a baby charm on it. She asks Brad if this is some sort of a sick joke or something and she gives it back to him then leaves.

Carly runs into the kids in Old Town and asks what their plans are for Christmas Eve so she will know what time to cook. Parker tells her he thought they were going to be at the farm. She tells him they are going to be at her house for Christmas Eve first. He tells her he doesn’t want to spend it with her at her house. Jack walks up and Carly tells him Parker doesn’t want to go to her place for Christmas Eve. He scolds Parker for being rude and when he goes to get in the car Jack tells Carly he can’t force the boy to want to be with her. Carly says she knows but thanks him for at least getting Parker to be nice in public. Later at the farm Jack tells Parker he is going to spend Christmas Eve with his Mom and his brother and his sister. Parker says ok if that is what he wants him to do.

Katie finds Brad in her office and he tells her he can leave but she says no and asks him to stay. She says she saw Jack earlier and she made him see that if things continued with them trying to make a baby then eventually she would start having feelings for him. She says she can not let herself have feelings again for anyone. They agree again to try for the baby but this time with some ground rules. No romance involved here. No sleeping together, they will only be in bed to have sex and that’s it. Katie says they just have to keep their feelings apart. She then gets close to him and tells him she wants him to make love to her right now.

Jan Barrett

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