Jack comes in at the farm and finds Carly standing there and asks what she is doing there. She is there to bring Sage her costume. She tells him thanks again for making the call to help her get her license. Carly asks if there is anyway that he can let the kids go stay with her during the holidays. Sage comes running in begging Jack to please, please let them. Jack tells Sage that he and her mother are having a private conversation. When Sage leaves the room Jack tells Carly that they are not getting back together and he is not spending Christmas with her. Carly tells him she wasn’t thinking about a romantic Christmas with him. She just wanted to show the kids that they can be a family again. He thinks this will only mislead the kids and doesn’t want to do it. Jack offers Carly to take the kids for Christmas Eve but only if Kit and Sam aren’t there and then he will take them there at the farm on Christmas Day. Carly agrees to this.

Katie and Brad are lying across the bed watching TV and Brad notices Katie crying and wants to know what is wrong. She starts telling him something then stops it telling him that he will just laugh at her. She goes in the bathroom and when she comes out Brad tells her he knows that this is a hormonal thing and she says it isn’t that, and she shows him the pregnancy test showing negative. She says it isn’t working. She is worried that something is wrong with her since she hasn’t conceived yet. Katie says she thinks this is a bad idea now and asks Brad to leave.

Brad runs into Carly in Old Town and he tells her she should be happy because Katie has decided that she doesn’t want to have his baby now. He says since she isn’t pregnant now Katie thinks she wasn’t doing the right thing with the right man. Carly takes this news straight to Jack and tells him she is trying so hard to convince him that she only wants him to be happy so she is hoping when she tells him this it will help make him happy. Jack asks just what she is talking about. She tells him that Brad told her that Katie has changed her mind about wanting to make a baby with him. She tells Jack now is the time for him to go fight for Katie again. Jack tells her that he will never take advice from her again. He says he knows she never does anything without an ulterior motive. She says this is not what this is about.

Katie is stripping the sheets when a knock is at the door. She opens it expecting to see Brad standing there and she says, you don’t give up do you? It isn’t Brad though, it is Margo. She explains to Margo that she can relax, that she and Brad are not going to have a baby together now. She even admits to Margo that she does want Jack back.

Brad goes to the diner and Vienna asks him if he and Katie have been lucky yet in making a baby. She tells him that she wants a baby herself so bad that it is all she can think about but Henry has been holding back. She wonders if maybe Henry has been planning to give her a baby for Christmas. Vienna tells Brad the way to a woman’s heart is in her jewelry box.

Sofie is in labor and Will and Gwen are there to help her. Will gives her some ice chips and she wants to know how he knows so much about women having babies. He tells her that he was there when Gwen had her baby. She says she doesn’t know how Gwen went through it. Gwen says when she had her baby she kept giving Will a hard time telling him to go away but lucky for her he stayed with her anyway. Just then Sofie has a hard labor pain and the doctor is there telling her to push.

There is something wrong with the baby and the doctor wants to do an emergency c-section but Sofie is too scared for this. Gwen tells her point blank that if she doesn’t allow this the baby will die. She says they can give her an epidural and then she won’t feel a thing. Will goes out in the hall and tells Alison and Aaron what is going on. Aaron offers to talk to her but Will tells him Gwen is handling it. Sofie agrees and she has the baby. Gwen comes out and says Sofie and the baby are doing great.

The doctor comes out and tells Gwen and Will that the baby is weak but she is thinking she will be fine. Gwen asks her if it would be OK if she went in to see her and the doctor tells her sure and she will tell them in the nursery that she is coming. Alison tells Aaron to go on and see the baby. He asks her if she is sure she doesn’t mind but she tells him no silly, that that is why they are there.

Gwen goes in to see Sofie and tells her that she saw the baby and she is beautiful. Sofie tells her that she doesn’t even know if she wants to see the baby because she hasn’t decided if she is even going to keep her. Gwen tells her when she had her baby she was in the same position and she didn’t hold him either. She says she has regretted that ever since, because now she can’t hold him, yet she would give absolutely anything if she could just have held him close to her. The nurse brings the baby in. Gwen says she is beautiful. The nurse hands her to Sofie and she starts crying.

Margo tells Jack that Carly was right about Katie. She tells him that she is going to tell him what she told Katie. There is only one person standing between him and what he wants and that is him. He asks her if Carly was telling him the truth then. She says YES. He gets up and asks her if she can cover for him. Margo tells him to go, of course she can and he leaves. Jack shows up at Katie’s hotel room with a Christmas tree explaining that he is there to make sure she has a Merry Christmas.

Jan Barrett

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