Gwen tells Will that she is going back to Sofie and bring her some things that she needs. She says when she left her Sofie was in bad shape and she is going to need help. Will starts to call social services saying he is going to get her some help because he doesn’t think she can handle it. Gwen gets Will to understand that Sofie has no one to help her and she thinks that they might just help save that baby’s life by helping Sofie.

Gwen brings Sofie some food and asks her to promise her that she will eat. Just as Gwen is about to go out the door Sofie doubles over with cramps. Gwen tells her she is going to get her to a hospital and Sofie pulls away telling her that she is not going anywhere with her. Gwen tells her she needs to be in the hospital. Sofie says she is ok, that the pains have stopped. Gwen tells her no they aren’t going to stop because she is in labor and needs to be taken care of. Sofie tells her she doesn’t have insurance so she can’t afford to go to the hospital over every little pain. Just then she doubles over again in pain and screams. When Gwen offers to help her again she tells her that she is not going to let her take her baby away from her.

Will comes in and tells Sofie that his Mom and Gwen’s Mom and Cole all lied to her but Gwen never lied. He says they didn’t even know it was her baby they were going to be adopting. He promises her that they won’t let anyone take the baby and finally she agrees to go with them. At the hospital Sofie tells Gwen to just leave her alone. Gwen tells her ok but she isn’t leaving, she will be right outside the door. When her labor pains get harder she asks Gwen to please stay with her.

Craig has the tape that Rosanna paid Eli for. He puts it in the player and shows her how it shows her changing the paternity results at the hospital to make the baby look like it was his. He thinks Paul put her up to this at first then she convinces him that she did it all on her own. She tells him she did it so Paul wouldn’t know it was his baby. If he knew she was afraid he would go running to her. She tells Craig what better way to get revenge on Paul than to raise his son as his own. Craig says but Paul is Meg’s baby’s father. He says he will find a way to tell Paul the truth and still keep his wife. Rosanna tells him he is crazy if he thinks Paul will stay away if he knows the truth.

Just then Paul walks in and asks what the hell is Craig doing there. Craig tells Paul that he will let his wife explain and leaves. When he is gone Rosanna tells Paul that he was there to talk to her about him and Meg. She says it was to tell her about the paternity test, she says Craig didn’t know that she knew about it.

Carly gets a call telling her she was denied a liquor license for Metro. Carly is really upset and tells Sam and Kit that she is going to go and see Jack. She tells them if anyone can get this license for her Jack can. They wonder if maybe Jack is the cause of her being denied and she says no, he would never do that to her. When she gets to the station she asks Jack if he can make a few phone calls for her but with his reaction she sees he already knows about her license being denied.

She begs him to please make some calls to let her have the license. She asks him what he is trying to punish her for now. He tells her he told her to keep his kids away from Sam and Kit. She says she has done that but he reminds her of her having them together at the fair with Sage and JJ on the stage with Sam. Carly says that was at a puppet show and she only took them because he asked her to. Finally after some talk Carly gets Jack to make some calls so she can get her license.

Aaron gets Alison to go out on a date with him. On their way his motorcycle breaks down and he tells Alison that he can’t fix it because he doesn’t have his tools. He remembers that he is close to a friends house so he leaves her there and goes to borrow their truck to bring his bike in to get it fixed., He loads the bike up and they are on their way once again. After a few miles the truck sputters and Aaron realizes they are out of gas. They wonder what else is going to go wrong on this date. Will finally reaches Aaron on the phone and tells him that Sofie is in labor. Alison tells him they need to go to her. She says Sofie is going to need a friend. 

Craig is home with Meg. She tells him about running into a friend today with a newborn baby and how she was holding it and it made her think of how it is going to be with their baby. She is happy now. She says she is going to bed and asks him if he is going to join her. He says in a bit, but he has a little work to do first. He gets on the computer and goes to Google and type in the search bar, Drugs that cause a miscarriage.

Jan Barrett

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