Jack goes by Carly’s and when she opens the door she says hi that she didn’t expect to see him there. Before he can say anything she tells him she didn’t do it. He asks what she is talking about. She says she didn’t do anything. He says he didn’t come there to fight with her but he does kind of need her help. He tells her he wants to know if she can take the kids tonight to the festival because he needs some time for business. She asks if this business involves Katie. Jack notices Sam’s puppets in the corner and Carly tells him it is only temporary and agrees to pick the kids up at the farm so they won’t be around Sam.

Carly goes to the farm and gets an attitude from Parker. He agrees to put on a front in front of Sage and JJ. At the festival Carly and the kids run into Sam and Kit, and Parker gets mad and walks away. Later when she can’t find Parker she asks the kids where he went. He walks up and accuses her of only taking them to the festival so she could meet her friends there.

At work Brad kisses Katie on the cheek which freaks her out. She pulls back and tells him they are at work and he can’t be doing things like that there. Brad tells her to chill out that it was only a kiss on the cheek. Their guest for the show comes in and Katie notices Brad’s giving her attention. She suggests that they get on with business and Brad tells her she was right. Katie takes Brad into a side room and tells him to stop flirting with their guest and asks him to start being a little more professional from now on. Brad tells her that she is totally jealous because she thinks this guest, Mia, wants him. She says no way. He asks her if she wants to have dinner with him. She says he just doesn’t get it. She says having dinner would be too much like dating.

Jack comes in to talk to Katie and she doesn’t want to see him. He gets her to talk and he asks her to let him buy her a cup of coffee because there is something he wants to talk to her about. She says ok and they leave. Brad watches as they leave when Mia comes up and asks him to join her for a drink. At first Brad says no thanks but then changes his mind and tells her sure and they leave together.

At the diner Jack wants to talk to Katie about her wanting to get pregnant with Brad. She interrupts him by telling him he is a little too late because she just might already be pregnant because she and Brad did do it. After she leaves Jack, Katie sees Brad and Mia together. When Brad goes off and Mia is alone Katie goes up to her and asks her how long will she be with Brad, because she and he have an appointment to go to later. Mia tells her that Brad told her he was done with business for the night. Katie tells her well this isn’t for business, and explains that she and Brad are trying to make a baby together. Katie leave and when Brad comes back Mia says she has to go because she just isn’t into the baby making thing, leaving Brad puzzled.

Paul startles Rosanna as she has the video tape in her hand that Eli gave her. She puts it in back of her and asks Paul to go tell the cook to make a potato dish for dinner tonight. He tells her no, and that he knows she is hiding something in her hand behind her back and he is pretty sure he knows what it is.

Meg and Craig are at the hospital to see the doctor and they want to know if their baby is ok. The doctor tells Meg that the tests shows that she is a carrier of Gauchers disease and that could mean the baby is in danger if Craig is a carrier of it too. He says if they are both carriers then there would be 1 in 4 chances that the baby could be affected too. Eli comes in and asks Meg how she is doing. She says not so good and she asks him if Craig is a carrier of this disease or not. He tells her that the doctor should be the one to talk to her about this. She says she doesn’t care about that she just wants to know the truth. The doctor comes in after Craig insists on getting the results. The doctor tells Craig and Meg that they are both carriers of this disease.

Craig goes off to find Eli and tells him he wants to have another paternity test on Meg’s baby again. Finally Eli agrees and tells him to come back to his office in an hour and he will run it again. When Craig walks off Eli calls Rosanna and tells her to come to the hospital that something important came up. Craig goes back in to see Meg and tries to assure her that everything will be just fine. She asks him to take her shopping but he says he can’t because he has a meeting but he will take her to Old Town so she can go shopping.

At the hospital Rosanna and Eli talk while in the stairwell. He tells her about the tests done on Meg for the baby. He explains to her what is going on about the disease. She says well what is the problem. He tells her that Craig is insisting that he is not a carrier and is demanding another DNA test. He tells her the second test can be fixed but this will cost her. At first she says she has already given him enough money but he says this is risking his job so he will not do it without something to make it worth his while. She writes him a check and tells him this is all he will get from her. When she leaves and Eli walks out, Craig comes out distraught over what he just overheard. Later Craig meets Rosanna at Fairwinds and tells her that he knows now that she changed the paternity results on Meg’s baby. He says he knows that her husband is the father of his wife’s baby.

Jack comes back to the farm and runs into Carly. She tries to comfort him after seeing that he is so upset but he doesn’t let her. When she starts to leave he tells her thanks. When Carly leaves Parker comes out and tells Jack that it never stops with Carly’s tricks. Jack asks him what he is talking about. Parker tells him she took them to the festival tonight. Jack says yes because he asked her to. Parker tells him yes but she didn’t take them because of that, she took them to help those sleazy friends of hers. Parker tells Jack Kit and Sam was there tonight. Jack is fuming now.

Jan Barrett

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