Aaron goes to see Sofie and tries to help her. She tells him when he tries to help her he just messes things up in her life. She says he asked her if there is anything he can do for her. She says yes there is, he can go and leave her alone.

Barbara calls Gwen and Will to see how they are doing. Will tells her that they don’t want her in their lives anymore. When he hangs up Gwen asks him if he is sure this is what he wants. He tells her yes. Later Alison comes in to check on them. They tell her they are surviving and thank her for her concern. Alison tells them about her run in with Barbara. When Alison starts to leave Aaron is standing at their door. He tells them about going to see Sofie and he tells them she is in bad shape. He tells them that Cole left her high and dry and now she is all alone. Will asks Gwen later if she is thinking about Sofie and she tells him yes. She remembers how she felt a few years ago when she felt so alone. She tells Will she is so lucky to have him.

Paul and Barbara argue when he finds out what she tried to do with Will and Gwen and the adoption. Paul tells her she should have learned her lesson after the deal with Jennifer and her baby. Rosanna thinks back as they are arguing about how she changed the paternity results on Meg’s baby. She tells Paul to ease up on his Mother. She says she is sure Barbara meant well. Barbara says all she was trying to do was give Will and Gwen the family they want so desperately. Barbara asks Paul to please forgive her. Finally Paul agrees to go try and talk to Will but he can’t make any promises. Barbara thanks Rosanna for coming to her defence and then leaves.

Rosanna calls Eli and tells him they need to settle things once and for all. When he comes in at Fairwinds Rosanna has a stack of money on the coffee table and tells him that is his but she wants the video tape he has of her and his silence. Rosanna tells Eli she wants him to promise her that this is the only copy of this tape. He assures her it is the only copy.

At the hospital Meg is having an ultrasound done for the baby. Craig is with her and they are excited about seeing the baby on the screen. The doctor asks them if they want to know what the baby is. Meg asks Craig do they want to know. Craig says it is up to her. The doctor tells them congratulations, it is a boy. Later at home, Meg takes a shower and while she is in there, Craig finds a picture of him and his son Bryant. Craig starts talking to the picture saying how sorry he was for all the bad things he done to him. Meg overhears him talking to the picture and starts crying. Later as they lay in bed Meg’s doctor calls asking that she and Craig come to the hospital to discuss the results of her CVS test.

Luke asks Emma if it would be OK if Noah stays there with him for Christmas. Emma hesitates and tells him she really has a house full of people. She really doesn’t know where they would put him to stay. Luke tells her that Noah could stay in his room with him but Emma doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. Later she tells Holden about her reaction to Luke’s question and she feels like she might have made a mistake.

Luke tells Noah he thinks his grandma is having a hard time with them being together. Noah asks does he mean with them being gay. Luke says no, he means with them being “together” together. Before they leave, Emma comes outside and tells Noah that she wants to invite him for the holidays, but she does have some ground rules. She says he will have to sleep on the sofa but she assures him that it isn’t because they are gay. It is just her own house rules. Noah says he understands and he accepts the invite.

Sofie is in her room crying when there is another knock on her door. When she opens it she finds Gwen standing there, asking her how she is doing. Sofie tells her she is fine but she isn’t really up to company and starts to close the door but Gwen stops her asking her to let her say one thing. She tells her she is sorry. She wanted her to know that she and Will didn’t know the baby they were going to adopt was hers. She says they would have stopped it a lot sooner had they known. She says what her mother and brother done to her was horrible and she is really sorry. She says that’s all she wanted to say and starts to leave but Sofie tells her to wait. Sofie tells Gwen she should have listened to her when she told her to leave Cole. Gwen says she wishes she hadn’t have been right though. Gwen offers to help her in anyway if she can but Sofie tells her there is nothing she can do so Gwen leaves.

Paul goes to see Will to try and get him to forgive Barbara. He tells him that Barbara had their best interest at heart. Will refuses to listen. He tells him that he is just like their Mother. Will reminds Paul that Barbara basically done the same thing to them as he did to Jennifer.

Emma tells Holden Meg and Craig will be there for Christmas this year. Holden isn’t happy about Craig being there but Emma reminds him that Craig is his sister’s husband so he is family now. She asks Holden if he has made plans for Christmas. He tells her the kids want to spend it on the farm so that’s where they will be. She asks him where Lily will be on Christmas. He says he doesn’t know but he isn’t trying to keep Lily from her kids. He says if she wants to see them she can come out to the farm. Emma asks if he has told Lily that. He says no not yet.

Jan Barrett

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