Katie and Brad make love. He rolls over in the bed and says WOW. He starts laughing and Katie asks him why he is laughing. He tells her they were good together. He thinks it was awesome. Katie turns over and when Brad puts his hand on her shoulder she tells him stop. Brad wants to try again to make sure they made a baby but Katie is not feeling so comfortable with it. She jumps out of bed and tells Brad what they just had was just sex, not romance, just sex. Brad thinks Katie is freaking out because he made Jack look bad in bed. She says he was ok, and she stutters as she says it was good. Brad says OK he will take that. Katie says this is not like this is an office romance between them. It is just sex til she gets pregnant.

Katie tells Brad they need to get their showers and go to work. She tells him no one needs to know about this and he agrees. Just then someone knocks on the door and when Katie answers it she finds Margo standing there. Brad makes a point of letting Margo know he is in there showering. When he comes out the bathroom he is cheerful and tells Margo good bye and he tells Katie he will see her later.  Margo wants to know what in the world happened in there before she got there and Katie defends herself by telling her she wants a baby. Margo begs Katie to think about this before it is too late. Katie tells her this is a decision that she has to make for herself but she wants to know if she can count on her to be there for her.

At work when they are touching up his hair, Brad gloats and the girl figures it out that he and Katie had been together after she smells Katie’s shampoo in his hair. When she asks if he and Katie did it he acknowledges it. Later when Katie comes in she apologizes for being late, then sits for them to do her hair and touch up on her makeup when she notices flowers there. She asks where they came from and they says from her #1 fan. She jumps out the chair and reads the card and sees they are from Brad. She looks at the girls and asks if Brad said something. They said no but then promised not to tell anyone. She sits back down and one tells her that her boyfriend sent her flowers after their first time too. Katie jumps up and yells for Brad. He comes out and asks What Sweetheart? Katie takes him into the office and tells him to never talk about her to anyone, never touch her in public, never call her sweetheart and never send her flowers. Ignoring what she said he asks her if they are on for the same time tonight. She blows up and walks out.

Kim is yelling for Bob to wake up when Chris comes running in wanting to know what happened. Dusty tells him he doesn’t know, he walked in and found Bob on the floor. Chris tells his Dad not to do this to him. When they take Bob off to do a Cat Scan Kim asks Chris what is wrong with Bob. Chris tells her he is non responsive so they won’t know til they do some tests. He tells her he is trying to cover the entire basis here to make sure Bob gets the best of treatment. When Chris leaves Kim tells Dusty she can’t lose Bob. She says everyone has been telling Bob that he needs to cut back at work because his heart just can’t take the stress. She says he was so relaxed earlier, she doesn’t understand what caused this.

Tom comes to the hospital and talks to Kim. She tells him that Chris won’t tell her anything and she thinks it is to protect her because he thinks she can’t handle it. Tom tells her no, Chris knows she is strong. Chris comes out the room and tells Tom and Kim that Bob had a stroke. In the room Kim demands to know what happened to cause this. She tells Chris that the last time she saw his Father he was fine and now she wants to know if he talked to him after that. Tom asks Chris if something happened that he isn’t telling them about. Kim talks to Bob to try and get him to wake up. She tells him she is not going to let him go, she says she refuses. She promises him to bring him back to her.

Jack is talking to Carly and accuses her of going to Katie to make it look like he sent her over to Katie to try and stop her from being with Brad. Carly is denying it but Jack doesn’t believe her. Jack tells Carly he is still in love with Katie and he doesn’t care if she slept with his brother or not, he wants her back. Carly says she knows she has lost him for good this time and she has to accept that. He asks her then why is she still all in his business. She just says old habits she guesses. He says well then don’t any more, break the habit.

He tells Carly to stay as far away from him as possible from now on. She says that’s kind of harsh and he says well harsh seems to be the only way he can get through to her. Carly offers to find out for him just what Katie’s feelings for him are. He tells her no, he doesn’t want her to do anything. She asks him what does he wants her to do. He tells her she can help him by never ever trying to help him again. He can help himself and he walks out.

Jan Barrett

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