Katie tells Brad that Margo is putting together a party for them but she told her that it is up to them to get the Snyder side of the family’s invitations. She says so she figures they can split the list down the middle and they can get the invites out. Katie tells Brad he can ask Jack to come. She will be ok with it. He asks her if she would want to be the one to break the news to him. She says no, it is ok, he can do it. She asks him if he is going to ask Jack to be his best man, because if he wants to that would be ok with her too. He says nope, because Jack didn’t ask him to be his best man when he married her.

Carly gets home and finds a note from Jack saying he was feeling better so he decided to go down to the station. Carly starts talking to herself and she asks why Jack would keep taking off without telling her first. She thinks about calling him but decides she better not do it. She says she has to be careful here not to push him. She gets an idea in her head and takes off.

Jack goes to the police station and talks to Margo. He wants to know what is going on around there that he has missed out on. She tells him she knows the only reason he is there to try and find out more about what’s going on between Brad and Katie. She tells him they are going to get married. He says so they are really going to go through with this. Margo tells him yes they are. Margo asks Jack how things are going between him and Carly.

While they discuss it, Brad comes in and asks Jack to come to the party tonight. Jack tells him he thanks him but he thinks he will have to pass on the invite. Brad lays into Jack and thanks him after calling him a few names and then he walks out. Margo walks up and says ouch and then tells Jack that Brad is right actually. Margo thinks if Jack would go to the party then that would send the right messages that he and Katie are over each other. Margo suggests to Jack that he comes to the party and bring Carly as his date.

Mike goes to WOAK and asks one of the ladies working there if she knows where Katie is. She tells him no but she is probably with Brad. She says now that Katie and Brad are engaged to be married they are sort of unpredictable. Mike tells the lady that he is an old friend of Katie’s and he just wanted to keep in touch.

Katie goes to the farmhouse and she invites Lily and Holden to the party tonight. Lily tells her congratulations and confesses that she saw Brad’s announcement on TV. Katie tells Lily that she always looks at her and Holden as a role model as how married couples are suppose to be. Lily tells her not to do that, every couple has their flaws. When Katie is about to leave Lily can’t resist asking Katie if she has heard from Mike lately. Katie is stunned to hear his name mentioned after all this time and tells her no she hasn’t but wonders why she would ask. Lily hesitates but then says she and Holden received a card from him recently so she just thought she would ask about him.

Katie says no and then says she has to go and hopes she will see them at the party tonight and then Katie rushes out. When she gets out the door she runs into Carly. Carly asks her what is she doing there, and then asks if Jack is there. Katie says no, why she would be looking for Jack. Carly says well if she isn’t looking for Jack then why is she there. Katie reminds her that Brad is a Snyder too and she is there inviting his family to her and Brad’s engagement party tonight. Carly pretends this is the first time she has heard about it. Katie starts to go but then decides to invite Carly and she tells her she is welcome to come with Jack too if she would like to. When Katie leaves Lily comes out the door and finds Carly jumping for joy but Lily calms her down telling her not to celebrate yet. She says there is yet another man that Carly and Katie have in common that is suddenly in the picture again.

After a meeting in the conference room about their case for development of the Snyder farm land Mike tells Paul and Meg that he won’t be running the project after all. He tells them he is leaving Oakdale. He has several excuses but Meg figures that the bottom line is because of Katie. He tells her he is not sticking around to watch Katie plan her wedding to another man. He has made his mind up and he is leaving town tonight. Mike goes back in the room to work on some paperwork. Meg tells Paul he needs to talk Mike into staying in town.

Brad shows up and goes in the room where Mike is and asks if he knows where Meg is. Mike says she is around but his back is to Brad so Brad doesn’t recognize him. Out in the hall Brad sees Meg and invites her to the party. She asks if she can bring Paul and he says of course, then Brad leaves. Paul is flattered that she would invite him to go with her. She says only if he will convince Mike to stay in town. When Mike comes out he tells them good bye and Paul starts giving Mike reasons why he needs to stay in town. Paul convinces Mike to stay which makes Meg happy. Paul goes back to his office. Meg asks Mike if he found out about Katie and he says yes. She encourages Mike to find Katie and figure out what really went wrong in their relationship before he runs from it. After Meg goes to Paul’s office and he tells her he isn’t going to go to the party and she is impressed with his honesty.

Katie shows up at work and the woman there tells Katie that an old friend of hers showed up there looking for her earlier. She asks her what the guy looked like. She says it is hard to describe his face but she could draw it for her. While waiting for the woman Katie sees Jack walk in. Brad is right behind him. Jack turns to Brad and apologizes to him and says he would like to come to the party. Jack asks Katie if it is ok if he brings Carly to the party and she tells him of course. When Jack leaves Katie tells Brad they need to get going so they won’t be late for their own party. They kiss and then they leave. The woman comes out with the sketch she drew of Mike but misses Katie.

Carly is at home waiting on Jack. When he comes in she pretends she has been folding clothes. He asks her if she has any plans for tonight and she says no, once again pretending not to know anything. He tells her he was invited to Brad and Katie’s engagement party tonight. He says he talked to Katie about it and she said it would be ok if he asked her to come with him. Carly says sure she’d like to go. He says great and is about to go upstairs saying that she should ask Parker if he wants to go since he really thinks highly of  Katie. Carly says fine even though she doesn’t like that idea.

Jan Barrett

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