Alison and Chris are having coffee together talking about daring things to do in life. Emily overhears them talking. Emily walks to the table and tells Alison that Chris will only hurt her again. Chris tells her that this is a private conversation but Emily won’t stop. Finally after Emily leaves Alison says Emily can not get away with pulling a stunt like that after Chris tells her about how Emily almost got him fired. She calls Emily telling her she needs to talk to her.

Alison meets with Emily. Emily tells her she knew she would come to her senses. Alison starts lecturing Emily about how she drugged Chris and almost got him fired. Emily swears she had no idea Chris was going back to work. Alison doesn’t want to hear her excuses but Emily swears to her that she will make sure that she understands what’s going on. Emily tells Alison that Chris dumped her when he found out she was a prostitute. She says how he is going to react when he finds out about her past.

Alison leaves Emily and decides to test Chris to see how he reacts to a part of her life. She brings him a copy of the porn video that she is a part of. She admits to him it is a part of her life that she isn’t proud of. She admits her addiction to drugs . She tells him she has been working hard to turn her life around. She asks him if now that he knows this about her he still wants to be her friend. He hands her the video back and says he is on duty tonight but wants to know if tomorrow she wants to hang out. She is surprised that he wants to see her again. He tells her she was upfront with him and didn’t lie to him. He says Emily is a liar and she cheated on him and that is why he left her. Alison is happy. She goes to Emily and tells her that she told Chris everything. She says he is fine with it so now she wants Emily to stay the hell out of her life.

Carly is clearing things out to put in the attic but tells Jack to stay and keep her company but she can do the work. He says it won’t be long before he will be ok. The phone rings and it is Dallas looking for Jack but Carly won’t let him talk to him. When she hangs up she doesn’t tell Jack it was Dallas calling. He asks who was on the phone and she tells him it was Dallas. He calls Dallas and agrees to go to the station to help him with a case. Drug addiction can be really dangerous, it changes a person beyond recognition, there are rehabs in Tampa Fl that help such people get back to normalcy.

When Jack leaves Carly’s doorbell rings and it is Mike Kasnoff. He tells her how he is there for the development of the farmland that Emma sold to Paul Ryan. Carly feels bad about Emma selling but is surprised she sold it to Paul. Mike admits he is also there for Katie. Carly is more than happy to fill Mike in on Katie’s life now. He asks her if Katie has someone special in her life right now. Carly tells Mike about how Katie married Jack and now she is engaged to Brad. She says Katie seems to have this thing for all of her ex’s. Mike tells Carly he doesn’t want to mess with Katie’s life now. Carly tells him she doesn’t care who Katie is with as long as she isn’t with Jack. He asks her not to say anything to Katie about him being in town and she agrees to keep quiet.

Margo tells Katie she won’t let her marry Brad. He tells her that she can’t stop them. Margo says this is her sister and yes she can. Katie tells Brad let her talk to her, but Brad is worried. Katie says she won’t let Margo talk her out of this so he says ok, he will meet her at the bar but wants her to remember that they have a plane to catch. Katie tells Margo she doesn’t know Brad as well as she thinks she does. Margo says she is on the rebound so she shouldn’t be engaged to Brad right now. Katie says she is tired of being confused. She just wants to be happy. She wants Margo’s blessings but Margo tells her no. She says all she can do is wish her the best and walks away. Katie goes into the bar and Brad asks her if she is ok and Katie nods that she is. Margo heads back to the station and finds Jack there. She tells Jack she is so frustrated with Katie now. She tells Jack about Brad and Katie eloping. Jack says this is none of their business.

Brad and Katie missed their flight so they had to book the next flight out which isn’t for two more hours. Katie says all she can hear in her head are Margo’s words trying to make her doubt what she is doing. Brad tries talking about things to her to distract her thoughts. Brad finally asks Katie if she wants to call it off with them eloping. Katie tells Brad that she doesn’t want to call their engagement off. She says Margo will never accept this and this worries her.

Brad and Katie call the elopement off. He heads over to talk to Margo and he tells her the only reason they are not on their way to Vegas is because of her so he is there to make her see that he is a good guy. He says she is making the woman he loves miserable because she won’t give them her blessing. Margo isn’t buying any of this. She says considering his tract record. He says he thinks he has proven himself to her. Margo says she is not going to give her blessing to them because she doesn’t think he is right for her. He begs her to at least give him a chance. He tells her to talk to Katie and listen to what she has to say. Margo storms out of her office telling Jack she will be back later.

Margo goes to the Lakeview and finds Katie at the bar. She tells Katie that she isn’t there to lecture her. She says she wants to hear what she has to say for a change. Katie pours her heart out to Margo about how she feels about Brad. She says Brad was always the one that was there for her. Margo asks her didn’t she once feel the same about Jack. Katie says that’s just it, she realized Brad isn’t Jack. Margo asks her is she loves Brad and Katie says yes she does. She says she has finally realized that Brad is the one and only one for her. Margo says ok then if this is what she wants then she can officially have her blessing. Katie hugs her thanking her and Margo says now she has to let her give her an engagement party.

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