Mike comes in to see Emma but Meg tells him she isn’t there. He says he has some questions about the project and says then maybe she can help. She offers him some coffee but says since she isn’t much of a cook she can’t make him breakfast. He offers to make her some breakfast instead then. He makes breakfast and then they sit down and talk. She tells him about how she lost her baby. Mike tells Meg he wants to make things right again after he left town like he did. He says he doesn’t know how Katie will react to it though.

Paul walks in while Meg and Mike are talking. Mike finishes up and says he will be in touch and he leaves. Meg asks Paul why is he there. He tells her about his mother being in the hospital. She says she is so sorry and hugs him. She offers to talk to Barbara and says she can be sure she gets the best speech therapist. He says she is fine but thanks her. He says there is something she can do for him. She can have lunch with him. She asks him if he is using his mother’s illness to get close to her. He says yes he is and she laughs. She meets him later for munch but they run into Mike there. Paul ends up inviting Mike to join them. Mike is uncomfortable so he leaves and Meg thanks Paul for being nice to Mike.

Brad comes in at work and tells everyone there that he and Katie are getting married. When she hears about it, Katie takes him into the office and asks him why he did that. He says because they are getting married, does she have a problem with that. She says no she just thought they were going to make a formal announcement. They start taping their show. Brad is acting strange and before she can say anything he makes an official announcement on air that he asked Katie to marry him and she said yes. He hands her a bouquet of flowers and gets on his knees. Everyone in the studio claps.

After the show Katie jumps on Brad’s case about making the announcement without asking her first. He tells her that Kim encouraged him to do it. He says if it were up to Kim they would get married on air. Brad asks her would she be up to that. Katie just looks at him and walks away. Brad follows her and asks her what’s going on. She tells him she is not getting married on TV. He asks her a simple question, does she want to marry him or not. She asks if she has to answer this right now. He says yes. She just walks out the room instead.

Brad goes to Katie’s hotel room and asks her to open the door. She tells him to go away. He says if she doesn’t open the door he will make a scene outside her door. He starts yelling that he loves Katie really loud so she opens the door. He asks her what is going on. He wants to know why she has changed her mind about marrying him. She says she doesn’t know, but he won’t take that for an answer. He tells her she should have never agreed to marry him in the first place if she didn’t want to. She says she is sorry and he leaves the room. Once out the room he starts to go back in but changes his mind and leaves. Katie thinks for a minute then runs out the room calling him in the hallway.

Margo tells Tom she is worried about Katie. She says she wants to get married again, this time to Brad. She thinks she is going to do this on a rebound. Tom tells her that her sister is grownup and she can make the decisions on her own. She thinks Katie is still in love with Jack but is settling for Brad. Margo turns the TV on and hears Brad’s announcement and gets so upset she grabs a jackets and starts to go out the door. Tom stops her asking her where she thinks she is going. Tom tells her she is wearing nothing but his bathrobe. She says she has a jacket on too. He won’t let her go. He wants her to come back upstairs and when he says he will be waiting for her she starts to call Katie but Tom yells for her to put the phone down.

Brad goes to a bar and orders a drink. He spots a couple in the bar that looks so in love. He tells himself when he sees the woman smile at the man that he remembers Katie smiling at him like that before. Then he asks the bartender should he give up on something he really wants and the guy says no. He decides he can’t give up on Katie. He goes to her hotel room. Before he can knock she was in the room thinking about how stupid she would be to not marry Brad so she decides to go look for him.

When she opens the door he is standing there. Right away they start apologizing to each other. She says she is just so scared and he admits he is too and this surprises her. She says she has failed in marriages so many times. She just wishes they were doing the right thing. He says he is sure they are. She tells him it isn’t marrying him that she is scared of. It is all the rest that goes with it and Margo that keeps giving her doubts. He suggests that they elope. Katie says no way. They can’t do that because Margo would surely kill her. He says well the way he sees it, she would kill her either way so why not just do what she wants anyway. Katie says he is right and then agrees to elope and they kiss. After they get things packed they leave but before they can leave the lobby Margo stops them Katie tells her that she is too late because they are heading for Vegas right now. Margo says over her dead body but they tell her they are going anyway.

Paul is sitting next to Barbara when she wakes up after surgery. She tries to talk but she can’t right away. Paul tells her everything is fine and she is going to be ok. Sofie comes to the hospital to see Barbara but runs into Aaron first asking her about their lunch date. She says she came to see Barbara so he waits for her. She goes in to see Barbara. Barbara, in a whisper, reminds her that she promised not to tell anyone about her surgery.

Paul tells Barbara that Sofie did the right thing. He tells her that Will and Gwen left town and he is sure she can fill them in later. Sofie tells her she hopes she isn’t mad at her but she just didn’t think she should be alone. Barbara tells her no it is ok. Sofie leaves and finds Aaron still waiting for her.

They go to lunch and she tells him how she promised Will and Gwen to keep an eye on Barbara for them. She says after lunch she is going to go back to the hospital. Aaron asks her will Paul be there and Sofie tells her she doesn’t know. After lunch Sofie goes to see Barbara and right after she comes in Aaron comes in with some flowers for Barbara. Sofie starts to leave but Barbara asks her if she can stay a while.

Jan Barrett

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