Jack comes down and asks Carly if Parker had called. She looks really sad so Jack asks her what is wrong. She tells him that was Gwen on the phone. She says Gwen and Will are moving out of town and they are having a party tonight for a going away party. Carly tells Jack she doesn’t know how she can let Gwen go. She doesn’t want to lose another sister. She says she feels like her whole family is deserting her. Parker comes in and says he is going to the party tonight. Jack says great then they can all go together, making Carly smile.

At the hospital Alison asks Chris to go with him to the party. He says he has work to do and can’t go but Alison doesn’t take no for an answer. Finally she talks him into going with her and she asks if he wants her to wait for him.

Barbara and Paul get to Will and Gwen’s house but before they go inside Barbara gets weak and dizzy and almost falls into the door. Paul catches her and asks her if she is OK. She tells him she is just fine. She tells Paul he worries too much and then they go inside. Barbara is holding Hallie and Gwen tells her that she loves the baby so much. She mentions her mother and Barbara tells her she is not going to defend Iris but she wants to say that sometimes it is hard on Moms. She says they don’t always do the right things. Barbara tells Gwen she isn’t going to stay for the party because she doesn’t want their friends to see a grandma hanging out there so she leaves.

Carly and Gwen talk while Carly takes pictures of Hallie. She tells Gwen she wants new pictures every week. Outside Jack tells Will his father was his best friend so if he ever needs anything to be sure to let him know. Alison and Chris come in and right away Chris starts to apologize with how he sided with Sofie during the adoption.

Aaron tells Sofie about the going away party for Gwen and Will. She tells him to tell them good bye for her. Aaron wants her to go with him but she tells him she is the last person that should show up there since she is the reason they are moving away.  He thinks that she should go and say her final good byes to them and to Hallie. Sofie still doesn’t want to go and heads upstairs.

As she is about to get into the elevator she notices Barbara. She sees her almost fall and Barbara asks her to help her upstairs but she starts to fall again and this time an employee at the hotel helps Sofie catch her. Sofie tells her she is not fine and she is taking her to the hospital. The doctor tells Barbara that her tumor has become resistant to therapy and they are going to have to remove it right away and Barbara agrees to let him. Sofie tells her she is going to call Will and Gwen but Barbara doesn’t want to spoil their party. The nurse comes in and asks Sofie to leave so they can prep Barbara for surgery.

Sofie goes to Gwen’s to say good bye to the baby. After she holds Hallie and tells her good bye she gives her back to Gwen and tells her thanks you after apologizing for barging in like she did. When she starts to leave Aaron tells her he is happy she decided to come but sees how hurt she is. She tells him she has to get out of there but he offers to go with her. She tells him no, she wants to be alone and she goes out he door. Paul sees her leaving and he goes after her to check on her. When he catches up with her she tells him about Barbara being in surgery so they rush to the hospital.

Noah, Ameera, Casey and Luke arrive for the party. They explain to Will and Gwen how their marriage came about and why. Gwen says did they really have to go that far with things by pulling Casey in to pretend to be gay and Luke’s boyfriend. Noah tells her that Immigration went as far as going to the farm to check out their living conditions. So now they have to look for a place to stay. Gwen asks them why they don’t stay there at the cottage. She tells Luke it is his grandmother’s place anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem. Casey doesn’t know about it but Luke, Noah and Ameera thinks it might just work.

When Jack and Carly get home Jack realizes that Carly is more upset than he thought. Parker tells him she needs him right now and he could at least be a friend to her. Jack goes out on the porch to talk to her but she isn’t there. He finds her out at the pond. He tells her that maybe they can start over again and try to trust each other again. She agrees so they go back to the house. She tells Jack she thinks she is going to just stay outside a little longer. He asks if she wants to be alone and if not he can grab a few beers and they can sit out on the porch and drink them together.

Alison leaves the party with Chris and they go off in Old Town together. They sit eating ice cream when Susan walks up. She asks Chris how come he isn’t at work. He tells her he got the afternoon off. Susan asks Alison if she will be home for dinner tonight and Alison tells her yes. When Susan walks away Alison giggles. They go out to a field and they fly a kite together. They let the kite go and lay down on the grass and talk. 

Aaron goes to the Hotel and asks for Sofie but they tell him that she isn’t there. They tell him that she went to the hospital with Mrs Ryan. Aaron is worried and leaves for the hospital right away.

When Paul and Sofie get back to the hospital the nurse tells Paul they are still operating on his Mother. She tells them they can wait in the waiting room and she will let them know when the surgery is over. The doctor comes out and tells Paul that his mother came through the surgery and is resting now. He tells Paul he can see his mother now but only one visitor at a time. He thanks Sofie for letting him know about his mother. Aaron walks in and Paul talks Sofie into leaving with Aaron. They go to find something to eat.

Jan Barrett

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