Kim sees Chris talking to a nurse and asks him if he has his eye on a young nurse. He says well a nursing student. She tells him she is there to pick him and his father up for dinner. Chris tells her he forgot all about that and now he has a date. When Chris tells him the nurse he has the date with is Alison Stuart Kim isn’t so happy but after she speaks her peace over the subject she tells him OK then invite Alison to join them for dinner.

Meg walks in and sees Paul on the sofa at Fairwinds with Sofie half naked kissing. She stands there for a minute but then runs out. Paul jumps up and runs after her leaving Sofie sitting there. Meg goes to Mike’s hotel room and tells him all about her finding Paul with Sofie. She says she was such a fool for going over there. She says Paul tells her one minute that he loves her and the next minute he is having sex with another woman. Mike hugs her and says how sorry he is.

Suddenly Paul is banging on the door for Meg to open up because he knows she is in there. Mike yells for him to go away, she doesn’t want to see him. He bangs on the door screaming that he loves her and to please forgive him. He tells her if she is this upset that should prove she still cares for him. She refuses to open the door and Mike calls security. Paul fights with the man when he tries to get Paul to leave. Finally they take Paul away. Mike thinks she needs to get a restraining order against Paul. He says he has anger management problems. She says her brother mentioned that a few weeks ago and she disagreed but now she thinks he may be right. Mike offers to go with her to get one.

Margo calls Casey at work and tells him that Matt is ready to go to Statesville but he wanted to tell Casey good bye. Casey refuses to go. He says he doesn’t want to talk to Matt. Margo tells him that she understands how he feels but Matt did come through for them at the end. When he hangs up Emily tells him he really should go talk to Matt. She talks him into going so when he gets to the station Margo is happy to see him. He goes in the room and talks to Matt. Matt apologizes to him for not letting them know about Grey before he did what he did. They come to get Matt and take him off. When Casey grabs his jacket Margo asks him if he is alright. Casey finds a recorder in his pocket and wonders what this is. Margo just rolls her eyes up knowing just where it came from.

Emily comes in at the station and asks Casey how it went with Matt. He asks her if she is there for a story, hinting to her. She says no, Paul asked her to meet him there but she doesn’t know why. About that time, the cops bring Paul in handcuffed. They tell Margo they want him booked for disturbing the peace. He says yeah and hurry with the paperwork because Emily is there to bail him out. Emily tells him she isn’t his keeper so forget it. They take Paul off to be booked. Casey shows Emily the recorder and lets her know he won’t let her use him to get a story for the Intruder. They leave to go to dinner together.

Meanwhile Margo says Paul will be spending the night with them. Meg and Mike walk in and Mike tells Margo that Meg wants to get a restraining order against Paul. Margo tells Meg that Paul will be spending the night there tonight. Sofie walks in and says no he isn’t, she is there to bail him out. Mike says it looks like she is really going to need that restraining order now. Paul comes in and asks not yet, he begs Meg to let him explain. He says it was a mistake being with Sofie like that. He says when he isn’t with her he gets self destructive. Sofie just listens but doesn’t say anything. Meg doesn’t want to hear it from Paul. She orders the restraining order and leaves with Mike. They get Paul’s bail set and Margo warns him not to violate that restraining order or he will just be right back there. When he starts to leave Sofie just looks at him. He thanks her for coming down to bail him out, but before she can say anything she turns and runs out the door.

At the Lakeview Chris and Alison are having dinner with Kim and Bob when Kim says things that make Alison uncomfortable. She excuses herself saying she is going to the restroom to freshen up. Out in the hallway she runs into Emily and Casey. Emily asks her what she is doing there. Emily tells her she could ask her the same thing. Emily reminds Alison that Casey works for her now and they were only having dinner. Chris comes out and tells Alison his parents are waiting for her. Emily gets mad after seeing Chris there with Alison having dinner with his parents and she tells Casey she suddenly lost her appetite and she storms out. Casey soon follows asking Alison and Chris to excuse them. He finds Emily at a bar and bets her with a game of pool for dinner. They agree to get take out and take it back to the office to eat. While they are eating Casey gets Emily to agree to a pact between them, no more secrets and no more lies and no more sneaking things. She says deal and they shake on it.

Chris tells Alison not to let what his mother said to get to her. She tells him they should face it. What his mother says and what Emily says is making a lot of sense to her now. She is starting to think they would never work together. He gets her to join them again for dinner. When they get back to the table Kim apologizes to her and they make a toast to new beginnings. A man sitting at a table behind Alison begins to choke and Alison saves his life and then everyone claps for her. After dinner when Bob and Kim leave Chris invites Alison back up to his room for a nightcap. Once they are in the room, Alison asks him if this is the room he lived with Emily in. He says yes. The memories of her sister are too much for her so she has to leave the room.

Paul goes back home and pours him a drink. Sofie comes in after. Paul tells her he is surprised to see her there. She says she needs to know if he meant what he said back at the police station. She wants to know if he really thinks being with her was a mistake. He says yes what happened between them was a mistake. He says it should have never happened. She tells him she kissed him because she wanted to so how he could say it was a mistake. He tells her he doesn’t love her. She says she knows that, she knows he loves Meg but she can accept that. She says she can love him anyway. Paul grabs her and they start kissing.

Jan Barrett

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