Carly is at the diner when she asks Holden if she can join him since the place is pretty crowded. She tells Holden how she is worried about Jack over doing it before he is ready. She asks for his advice on how to deal with Jack. When he doesn’t tell her what she wants to hear she gets mad and asks him what makes you Snyder men think they are so self-righteous.

Jack runs into Lily and they share a cup of coffee. They talk about Carly. Lily tells him that Carly loves him. Jack is having a hard time forgiving all the things that she has done to him in the past. Katie comes in and sits at the bar. When Lily leaves, she and Jack talk. She tells him that Brad proposed to her and she wants to know what he thinks about that. He tells her she should say yes if that is what she really wants. She asks him seriously, and then she says well she guesses there is nothing holding her back now is there and she walks away.

Carly and Jack get back to Carly’s house together and they tell each other about their talks with Lily and Holden. They think it is funny that they gave them basically the same advice. As they talk the smoke alarm goes off and there is a lot of smoke coming from the kitchen. Jack runs in there after Carly screams out Jack’s name. Jack finds that the toaster is on fire. Carly over reacts and he tells her that it is just a toaster. They can always get another one. She complains about her making yet another mistake, but he says it could have happened to anyone.

Brad tells Henry and Vienna about his proposal to Katie. Henry tells Brad to be patient with Katie. Vienna of course disagrees. Brad says he has already bought Katie a house, what more can he do. Then he gets an idea and runs out the door saying he is going to get her to say yes. Henry makes a bet with Vienna about how Katie’s answer will be. Brad goes to the TV station to try and figure out a way to win Katie’s heart. An intern comes in with some old tapes which gives Brad another idea. Brad gets the intern to help him and they tape a segment and Brad calls it. “Brad And Katie Now!”

Katie is back in her room at the hotel when someone delivers a tape to her. She doesn’t know what it is but decides to put it in the VCR and watch it. It is a recording with Brad talking to Katie. Katie watches the tape and laughs at it. She goes to the station and finds Brad there. She tells him she got the tape, but he pretends he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Then she tells him she knows it was from him. She says she has an answer for him. She jokes around and he tells her not to toy with him. He says she is driving him crazy. He asks her will she marry him or not. She smiles and says YES she will marry him. Brad is shocked but she smiles and says it is a definite yes. He promises to make her happier than she has ever been and they kiss.

Mike Kasnoff. is back and he is the competition for Worldwide in the sale of Emma’s farm. He assures Emma that his company will maintain the natural beauty of the farm. Meg informs him that Worldwide is also bidding on the farm. Mike can’t believe she would want to sell to Paul Ryan. Meg calls Paul and tells him she knows who the competition is now. She says he is sitting at their table with Emma now. Paul heads right over. Mike makes a proposal with plans to Emma which is really appealing. When Paul admits that this is the first time Worldwide has made a bid on real estate he has nothing prepared for her and asks for a few days to put something together. Lily and Holden walk in and when they find out what is going on Lily suggests to them that Mike lets Worldwide back Mike financially and they can form a partnership for it. Both Paul and Mike seem to think that is a good idea Meg thinks this is a great idea and Emma says she thinks this could work if Paul and Mike agree.

Lily talks to Mike after Paul leaves the farm. He asks her not to mention to Katie that he is back in town. Lily thinks Mike is back in town to try and win Katie back. Holden warns Meg not to trust Paul. He tells her this is just an act of his. Meg seems to think Paul is really trying to change. He tells her to please take things slow and to be careful.

Vienna and Henry go home and end up in bed making love. They realize they are not supposed to be doing this until they find out what Katie’s answer to Brad is. When Vienna realizes this she says oh well it doesn’t matter and then they make love again.

Jan Barrett

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