Parker comes into the kitchen and tells Carly that the doctor’s told him he might wake up with a headache this morning but he didn’t and he wants to know if that is normal with someone with a concussion. She tells Parker that she is so sorry things have been so tense between her and Jack. He tells her he has no problem with them being separated but he just is tired of them fighting all the time.

Katie and Brad wake up and start to make love til Katie suddenly tells him to wait. They remember that they are not alone since Liberty is sleeping there on the sofa. They slip out in the hallway and Brad says he can’t believe he has to leave his bed just to talk to his wife. She says that’s the price of being a Dad. He says well they don’t know that for sure yet til the results of the DNA tests come back.

They go over to Al’s Diner when they run into Jack and Parker. Parker recognizes Liberty and she runs off. Brad asks Parker how he knows her. He tells them she is the reason he fell while on the skate board. Brad tells them she might be his daughter. A friend of Parker’s comes in and Parker leaves with him. Katie comes running in and she tells Brad that Liberty ran off. Brad goes off to find her and leaves Katie there with Jack. He asks her how she is handling this. She tells him she loves Brad and they will work this out if Liberty is really his daughter.

Meg is at the hospital with Mike checking his ankle out when she sees Paul. She asks him if he is following her. He says no. She asks then why is he at the hospital is it for Barbara? He says no it is for him. He tells her he is seeing a therapist. He is determined to change but Meg tells him to do this for himself not for her. He tells her she is the only reason he is doing this. He says as far as he can see it this is the only way he will ever get her back but she tells him he will never get her back.

Mike comes out the room and he and Meg leave. When she gets Mike back to his room at the Lakeview he tells Meg that Paul is a like a loose cannon and she should stay away from him. She calls Paul’s therapist’s receptionist and finds out that Paul cancelled his appointment. She says if she hadn’t walked away from him like she did he wouldn’t have done that. Mike bad mouths Paul and then tells her she is as bad as he is. Meg gets mad and leaves

Paul goes back to Fairwinds and starts to pour a drink when Sofie walks in. He tells her his mother is back at Fairwinds and then tells her he doesn’t need her there and orders her to go. She looks at him pouring himself a drink and says it looks like he needs her there more. She gets him to talk to her about what happened when he ran into Meg. He tells her it doesn’t matter anymore, nothing he does will work for Meg.

Sofie tells him that Meg doesn’t deserve him. She starts comparing his relationship with Meg to her relationship with Cole. Paul tells her there is no comparison. Then he says with out Meg in his life he is nothing. He says Meg is right, he is damaged. Sofie tells him to stop it, that he is not damaged. She says there are plenty of women out there that would want him. He says oh really then name one. She looks at him and says her and then she kisses him. Sofie seduces Paul and they end up half naked on the sofa kissing when Meg walks in and see them.

Luke tells Holden that he is moving out and explains that he is moving in with Ameera and Noah. Holden thinks it is a bad idea but Luke tells him he has to at least try this. Holden tells him OK but if it doesn’t work out he shouldn’t be ashamed to come back home and Luke agrees. When he gets to the cottage Ameera offers to move her things out of the bedroom for Luke since Noah wants him there. She says she is the guest there not him now.

When Noah comes in he and Luke try several times to kiss in the bedroom but it makes Luke uncomfortable with Ameera in the next room. Luke grabs his bags and says he can’t do this. He walks out and tells Ameera she can have her bed back and he leaves with Noah running after him. He says he is tired of waiting. When Noah goes back in Ameera asks if it is her fault that Luke left. She offers to leave if he wants her to. He tells her he doesn’t want her to go. He just wishes this charade was over. She says she does too. He tells her he has to get some air and he leaves. Ameera doesn’t know what to do now so she just starts putting her things back in the bedroom.

Carly is walking to her car with groceries in her hand and she drops a bag while looking for her keys. Holden walks up with a buggy and tells her that is why she should use a cart. He helps her pick them up. When she gets into her car it won’t start. Holden sees that the car won’t start and checks it out. He tells her that her battery is dead and he has some jumping cables in his car. She asks him if he is getting tired of coming to her rescue. He tells her that is what friends are for.

They still can’t get the car started. She says she will just call the garage and have them tow it in. Holden says no, he will call the garage for her and in the meantime he will drive her and her groceries home. When they get to her house he helps her with the groceries. She says Jack use to help her with the shopping so now she has to learn to do it alone. He talks about how he is going to be able to manage this summer when Carly tells him that is precisely what summer camp is for.

Carly makes Holden and herself some coffee and they start talking. She tells him how she and Parker talked and how she never realized how angry she was at Jack and how her anger was getting to the kids. She says she plans on sending the kids off to summer camp. She says she heard about a new summer camp that is only a few hours away that she plans to go and check out. She offers to pick him up a brochure. Her phone rings and it is the garage saying it will be a week before they can fix her car. She is upset saying she can’t do without it for a week but she has no choice. She hangs up and tells Holden it looks like the trip she planned for tomorrow will have to wait. Holden offers to take her instead and after some convincing he gets her to agree.

Jan Barrett

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