The young girl repeats what she told Brad about her being his daughter. Brad starts laughing and says he thinks Katie of playing a joke on him. She shows him a picture of her mother and Brad admits knowing her. Katie pulls Brad to the side and tells him to tell this girl there is no way he could be her father. Brad’s silence makes Katie question him by asking him is there a way he could be. He tells her well it was in high school and after all the girl was called Juicy Janet so, well! Liberty says if they don’t believe her they can talk to her Mom. Katie says she will just back up her story. Katie says no offence but if they are going to believe this they are going to need a DNA test done. Liberty says that works for her.

Brad asks Susan if she can help him but he says he needs to keep it quiet. She teases him at first but calls him in for a blood sample. While he is gone Parker, Carly and Jack come out the room and they tell Katie why they are there. Liberty sneaks off before Parker sees her. When they leave Brad comes out saying it is Liberty’s turn. When she comes out they ask her for her cell number and they will call her when the results come in. She says she doesn’t have a cell phone but she isn’t leaving town. Katie asks how come, she thought every teenager had a cell phone.

Liberty admits she slept in the park last night. Katie tells Brad they have no choice, they can’t let her sleep in the park. She says she has to go home with them tonight. When they get to the Lakeview they find out that there are no vacancies so Katie tells Brad Liberty will just have to stay with them in their room tonight after Brad says he doesn’t want to take her to the farm because he doesn’t want him whole family to know about this. Once in the room they decide Liberty will sleep on the sofa. Katie decides to leave for a while to go hang out with Margo.

Holden interferes between Carly and Jack’s argument over Carly not calling him when they got to the hospital with Parker. She tells Jack she didn’t call because she didn’t want him there. Jack tells her that he does have custody of their kids and unless she wants to battle that out in court she better stop trying to push him out of their lives. She says every time they have a fight he threatens to take her kids away from her and she wants to know when that is going to stop.

Chris finds Alison sitting in a chair not feeling so good. She says it is her first day in nursing school and all she can do is sit there. He thinks it is in her head and it is nerves. She says tell her stomach that and then she runs off. He runs after her and apologizes to her and decides to check her out. She has a slightly elevated temperature but says it isn’t too bad. He thinks she just has the flu. He wraps her in a blanket and tries comforting her when a nurse walks in and misunderstands what she is seeing, excusing herself after offering her apologies. Later Alison goes back to the bathroom and when she comes out she sees she messed up her shirt and wants to go back to wash it off. He tells her to sit down and take her shirt off and he will clean it for her. When they start unbuttoning it the same nurse comes in again and is embarrassed. She leaves the room again and Alison and Chris laugh.

Margo and Tom go home to find Casey on the sofa and the place a mess. Margo starts picking up after him and Tom tells her he doesn’t know why she does it. He tells Casey he can’t keep doing this. He says he needs to get out and find a job. When Margo leaves Tom asks Casey what he is trying to prove. Casey asks him why he had to give up a job just because he and Emily had an affair.

Emily is at the station and she and Margo have a run in over the story Emily had in the paper about the judge. She asks Margo if she would have allowed Casey to work for her if she ran a legitimate newspaper. Margo tells her no. Emily says she only says that because of her affair with Tom. Margo says she is poison and she wants her to stay away from her son. Emily starts throwing it in Margo’s face about why Casey went to jail and why Adam had to leave home. Casey walks in and tells Emily not to talk to his mother like that. Emily leaves and Margo tells him it felt good hearing him defending her. He says he is only there to give his statement.

Later Emily runs into Tom at Java and she tells him to make Margo back off from her. Tom goes to the station and he tells Margo he thinks they made a mistake where Casey is concerned. They need to let him make his own decisions. They go home and even though Margo is worried about it she decides to go along with Tom in this. She tells Casey she may have been wrong and she is sorry. She says he can go to work for Emily if he wants to. He says thanks Mom and leaves. He goes to talk to Emily and asks for his job back and she gives it back to him.

Carly goes out to the farm to pick up JJ and Sage. She finds them playing a game together at the kitchen table quietly. They talk her into staying and playing a game with them before they have to leave. After they play a game Carly steps outside for some air and Holden follows her. They start talking to each other about their problems. She says she doesn’t know how he does it. He says well he has a lot of help around there.

Jan Barrett

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