Carly yells out to Sage that her breakfast is ready. Jack walks in and scares her causing her to break a dish. She yells at him and tells him this is not his house anymore. She says the door was locked so how did he get in. He shows her his keys. She tells him he can’t keep doing this. She starts to pick the glass up but then she tells him to clean it up, since he caused it. Later she comes back in the room and tells Jack he missed a spot. He says he doesn’t know what is wrong with her today.

Jack leaves and Sage and Parker come downstairs. Sage asks wasn’t that her Daddy leaving and she wants to know how come he didn’t stay. Carly says he had to go to work. When they go to the kitchen they want to know if she and Jack had a fight but she changes the subject and tells them they can just go through drive up. She says they don’t have school today so they are going to have fun. 

Brad and Katie are having breakfast when Mike walks up to them and says he wants to apologize to him. He says nothing like that will ever happen again. Brad tells him that is fine and they shake hands. When he leaves Brad tells Katie Mike is a classy guy and he doesn’t like that. They laugh and Katie tells him he is a classy guy too. The teenager that Henry saw walks up to their table and asks if he is Brad Snyder. Katie’s phone rings just as Brad tells her yes he is. Katie tells him that was the station and they have to go right away. Brad signs his name on a napkin and hands it to the girl thinking she is just a fan. He says they have to run but he thanks her for watching the show and hands her the napkin and he and Katie leave.

Kim tells Brad and Katie about the Judge and his Nanny. Katie says she will talk to the Nanny. She meets with her at the diner and Brad comes in and listens to their conversation. Katie tries to get her to come in so they can talk. The woman tells her she didn’t do anything wrong. Brad walks up and says that is right, he thinks she should tell her story. Brad convinces the woman to tell her story. When they get back to the station the young girl shows up again. Kim stops her but the girl says she is there to talk to Brad Snyder. Kim gets someone to take her to the front desk to leave a note for Brad. She leaves and goes to the park.

Aaron is sitting outside and Meg finds him and she guesses he is upset over Sofie again. He tells her he went to pick her up from work but they told him she left work early. He asks her not to tell his Dad about any of this because he has enough on his plate. He doesn’t need to worry

Faith is on the phone with Lily when Holden comes in. He takes the phone and tells Lily he will call her later on and they can talk more. When he hangs up they decide to go to the park. When they get there the girls says they will race him to the park. He notices Parker and Sage passing him up and he turns around and sees Carly. He tells her he is so glad to see her. She says she can’t remember how long it has been since someone told her that.

Holden gets Carly to play baseball with them. She hits a homerun and they all cheer her on. She is about to pitch to Holden when she notices Parker plow into a tree and hit the ground. She yells out for him and they run towards him. Carly blames the accident on the skate board but Parker tells her it was because of that girl. They didn’t see any girl because she took off already. They take Parker to the hospital to get checked out but he keeps telling her he is fine.

Later the young girl goes back to WOAK and demands to speak to Brad. She says she needs to talk to him privately. Brad tells her what ever she has to say she can say it in front of Katie too. She says ok, and she looks at Brad and tells him she is his daughter. Brad is shocked.

Sofie wakes up on the sofa at Fairwinds. She sees Paul just as he is about to pour himself a drink. When she tries to stop him he tells her to leave but she argues with him saying she doesn’t want to go. Barbara walks in and tells Sofie she agrees with her son, she should leave. Sofie tells her about how Paul has been drinking heavily. Barbara wants to know if this is because of Meg. She tells Sofie she can go, she will look after Paul. Barbara tells Paul if he wants Meg back first he is going to have to stop drinking.

Sofie comes back and Barbara talks to her about her career. Barbara thinks she should draw some sketches for her to look at. She says to not think about it. She wants her to just draw the first thing that comes to her mind. She asks Sofie if she needs an advance to get drawing supplies. Sofie grabs her phone to call a supplier to get an estimate for the costs when she finds the messages from Aaron. She gets upset saying she forgot about Aaron.

She meets Aaron later and she tells him about her being with Paul. She apologizes to him about not answering his messages. She says her phone was off. He sarcastically talks about Paul saying just ask Meg or Rosanna. She defends Paul saying he has been a good friend to her. She tells him about his drinking and how upset he was this morning. Aaron wants to know if she spent the night with him. She says they didn’t do anything together if that is what he is asking. Aaron tells her she has a choice, either Paul or him. He realizes her choice and he tells her from now on she is on her own and he leaves.

Mike gets Meg to walk the property with him and he steps into a gopher hole and hurts his ankle. Meg helps him up and gets him back to the farm. She finds Paul there when she gets there and she tells him to wait right there as she gets Mike inside. Jack is there so she asks him to help Mike. She goes back outside to talk to Paul and he can’t hold back what his feelings are about her being with Mike. Meg is appalled and tells him she doesn’t think he will ever change. Paul thinks Mike is faking his injury just to get close to Meg. She gets mad and tells him to go and then she goes back inside.

Meg and Jack take Mike to the hospital to have his ankle checked. When they get there they see Sage and Jack asks her what are they doing there. Sage tells them about Parker’s accident. Jack runs in there to check on him. He asks Carly if Parker broke anything but the doctor interrupts and runs them out the room. Out in the hallway Carly blames him for giving Parker the skate board and Jack blames her for not calling him. He thinks she is trying to cut him out of his kids life just to get back at him.

Jan Barrett

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