Ameera is kissing Noah and he pulls away from her. He tells her he is sorry but he can’t be doing this. She is embarrassed and she runs out of the room. At the farm Holden comes inside telling Meg it is ok he enjoys doing all these chores by himself. Luke tells him about how Ameera got upset about her birthday. Luke asks where Lily is but before Holden can explain Noah calls him and asks for his help again. Luke tells Holden he has to go but what was he going to tell him about his mother. Holden said he will tell him later so Luke leaves. When Luke gets to Noah’s they talk and Luke tells Noah he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Ameera walks in with her bag in her hand. They ask her where is she going and she tells them she is going home. Luke and Noah tell her that is not the answer. Noah tells her she didn’t do anything wrong. He says a kiss between friends is harmless. Luke has a suggestion. He says no one can say anything if they needed someone to move in to share the living expenses. Noah says ok but whom. Luke says he was thinking that maybe he could move in with them and say it is just to help out with the expenses. Ameera and Noah agree to let Luke move in with them. Ameera thanks Noah for caring. Later Luke comes back with a birthday cake for Ameera with candles lit. They call her out and surprise her. They tell her to blow out the candles and make a wish.

Meg tells Mike she is sorry about what Paul did and she says she told Paul it was over between them and this time she means it. Mike tells her she and Paul are like him and Katie. They always find themselves back together. Meanwhile Katie wants to go check on Mike. She says who ever wrote that note to him was cruel and she just wants to see if he is ok. Brad tries to talk her out of it but he can’t. Katie finds Mike and he tells her he is not upset about the note, he is more upset because he wanted the note to be from her and now he feels like a fool. They agree to forget this ever happened. He tells her to go home to her husband and she says eventually she will but she stays for another drink with him.

Brad goes to talk to Henry. Henry tells him he is just worried because he thinks Mike is just like him. Katie comes in while they are talking and she asks him to come home with her. When they get to their hotel room she tells him that Mike has work and a lot of friends there. She says he is good with his hands. Brad says ok so this is payback for him trying to tell her what to do. She smirks and says something like that. She goes into the bathroom and Brad tells her OK he gets it. She says he is going to just have to trust her but he whispers that it isn’t her that he doesn’t trust. She comes out in a sexy negligee and he says she doesn’t play fair. He says he was feeling bad and so sensitive and bad about being a guy and then she comes out dressed like that making him feel like a guy again. She tells him she wants him to be a guy and she sits on the bed next to him.

Back at Al’s Diner Henry is about to close up when a teenage girl comes up asking if he can tell her where a good place to stay would be. He tells her about the Lakeview and then about another hotel by the Mall. He asks how long is she planning on staying. She tells him she doesn’t know yet, it depends on her friend. He asks who might that be, and she says Brad Snyder.

Casey almost has the judge calmed down convincing him that Emily will print a retraction of the front page story. He gets enraged when he hears Margo’s voice outside the office. He is mad now because he called the cops. Margo tells the judge that she saw the article in the paper and she doesn’t believe it. He really gets mad now and Casey tries telling him that no one believes what is in that paper. He said the only thing that would happen to make them believe it is if they see him reacting like this from it.

Casey starts talking to him more and finally gets him to drop this whole thing. When Casey opens the door her tells Margo that he thinks the judge is ready to go home now. Margo says that is not his call and then she has him arrested. Casey says he told the judge it would all be ok. She tells him that he told the judge what he had to. Margo tries to get Casey to quit the job but he is refusing to. Margo and he argue til finally Emily says she doesn’t want the two of them fighting so she fires Casey.

Sofie is at Fairwinds trying to comfort Paul. He tells her to leave but she won’t. He tells her Meg said she doesn’t want to see him ever again and he thinks this time she really means it. Sofie says maybe this is for the best. She tells him he has really been nice to her and she appreciates it but she wonders how come he can’t see how lame this is. She tells him how it was with her and Cole and how she couldn’t see he didn’t give a damn about her. She says Meg is similar to this. She tells him that he doesn’t make Meg happy. He wants her to leave but she doesn’t want to go. He says fine if she won’t go then he will leave.

Paul goes out to the farm and tells Holden he needs to talk to Meg. Holden says no and warns him if he knocks on his door again he is going to shoot him. Paul goes outside and starts screaming for Meg. Holden gets the shotgun but Meg stops him. They both go out to talk to Paul. She tells him to leave her alone. He apologizes but she is not interested and tells him it is over. She goes back inside and Holden tells Paul to leave. He goes back to Fairwinds and Sofie is still there refusing to leave. She gets him to tell her what happened. Afterwards he lies down on the sofa and falls asleep and Sofie sticks around and watched Paul sleep.

Jan Barrett

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