Emily is aggravated with business. Paul comes in and asks her a question. She tells him she knows what she is doing and tells him to close the door on his way out. He closes the door but stays in the room telling Emily he needs some help with his love life. He wants her to deliver a message to Mike from him but he doesn’t want him to know it is from him. She tells him to take care of his own love life but she reluctantly agrees to help but swears this is the last time.

She delivers the note at the Lakeview for Mike. She stays around til Mike comes down and the clerk gives him the note. Mike asks him who dropped off the note. The clerk says he didn’t get a name but it was a woman with blond hair. Mike reads the note and Mike runs out. Emily phones Paul and tells him he owes her big time. She tells him she saw him read the note himself and then he left. Paul says great. Mike goes out to the farm thinking he is there to meet Katie. He picks some wild flowers and waits. When he realizes she isn’t going to show up he throws the flowers to the ground.

Katie and Brad are about to go live on their show but they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Kim notices and laughs at them. Kim tells them that this show is so boring even though she is so glad to know that they are in love with each other. Brad thinks it is great and he says that Katie is always perfect. Kim says the audience wants to see the old Brad and Katie bickering back and forth with each other. The lovey dovey act doesn’t sell to the audience. They say they are married now and they are getting into a new groove. Kim doesn’t like this new groove.

During a commercial break Mike storms in and asks Katie what she is trying to pull. The cameras are rolling again and Mike shows her the note. Katie says she never wrote that. Brad tells him this note was typed out so why would he even think it was from Katie. Mike snatches the note back and walks out. Katie just looks at the camera and smiles. When they get back on air Brad mentions that Mike was an ex husband of Katie’s. She mentions some of his exes and they start bickering back and forth about exes and Kim whispers to a cameraman that they are back!

Sofie shows up at the farm looking for Aaron. Meg tells her he is out doing his chores but invites her in. Sofie confides in Meg about her fight with Aaron. Meg tells her she doesn’t want to see Aaron get hurt and advises her to be honest with Aaron about her feelings for him. Paul comes in and asks Meg to join him for lunch. When they leave Aaron comes in and Sofie and he talk. She tells him she is sorry about their fight . He asks what she wants from him. She says she wants to be more than just friends but she wants to take things slow. He agrees that they can do this. He says he will call her later for a date. She smiles, and then kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Noah admits to Ameera that he misses Luke. When she gets upset she walks into the bedroom. He follows her asking if he said something wrong. She says it is her birthday and being away from home. She tells him not to worry about her and then she runs into the bathroom crying. Noah calls Luke and tells him the problem and asks for advice on what to do. Luke tells him to come meet him and he will pick out something for her for him. Noah thanks him and says he is the best. When Luke hangs up he tells himself that he calls him the best yet he is married to someone else.

Noah meets with Luke in Old Town only Ameera is with him. They excuse themselves saying they have to buy something. They pick out something for Ameera and when they come out they ask her if she is ready to go. She says she wants to do something first and will meet up with them after. She goes in a shop and asks tells the woman that she hopes she can help her. When she gets home she puts a sexy dress on and some makeup and takes the scarf off of her hair. Meanwhile Noah and Luke look for Ameera but when they don’t find her Noah decides to go home. Before he leaves Luke he tells Luke he is so thankful for having him. They can’t resist a passionate kiss before Noah leaves. When Noah gets home he finds Ameera there waiting for him. He is surprised at how she looks. She tells him this is her surprise for him. He apologizes and tells her that a woman has no effect on him. She goes up to him and kisses him.

Margo tries to get Casey to see that something is not right with Emily hiring him. She thinks she is using him to find out stuff about her and Tom. Casey tells her that Emily never mentions them at all. She reminds him that she had an affair with his father and has tried destroying their life. Casey asks if she is worried that he won’t know how to handle it if Emily comes onto him. Margo worries that it is odd that Emily would hire him so quickly after knowing he just got fired from his last job. She says he doesn’t have the qualifications for an executive assistant. He tells her that being in prison did teach him one thing and that was how to answer phones. He is upset that she doesn’t have more confidence in him so he leaves. Later Margo goes and tells Emily to stay away from her son. She insists that Casey will not be working for her anymore. Casey walks in and says it isn’t up to her. He says he is keeping his job.

Later a man storms into the office demanding to speak to Emily and throws a newspaper at Casey’s desk showing him that is why he needs to talk to her. He hears Emily in her office and barges in. He tells her she has ruined his life. He destroys Emily’s computer and then goes after her. When Casey tries stopping him he throws him against the wall. Casey calls Margo telling her he needs help there. When he hangs up he goes back in the room and when he refuses to leave the judge closes the door and says fine now they are both going to get hurt.

Meg and Paul have lunch together. She apologizes again for the mix up over the balloon ride. Paul tells her it is ok, he is over that now. She asks him what they will do on their next date. Before he can answer Mike walks up and throws the note at Paul and demands to know what all this is about. Paul denies knowing anything about it. Paul asks Mike if he has any proof that he did this. Mike says he knows how he operates. Paul says he isn’t even going to respond to such accusations.

Mike walks away and Meg asks Paul if he did this. Paul finally admits it saying it was just a guy thing and thinks she should understand that but she says no she doesn’t. Mike hears Paul admit he did it and says that is all he needed to hear and storms off. Meg is mad and she storms off too. Paul runs after her and tells her it was just a joke. She says he is all wrong for what he did, she says Mike didn’t do anything wrong. Paul asks if she expects him to believe that but she doesn’t care and she walks away. Paul goes back to pay his bill and then he leaves. Sofie noticed him and asks what is wrong but he just ignores her. She follows him even though her boss tries to stop her. She goes to Fairwinds and tells him she is not going to leave him alone.

Jan Barrett

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