Margo comes home for some papers she needs and finds Casey in the kitchen. She is surprised to see him up so early. He tells her he couldn’t sleep. She says well it was his choice to work the night shift. He tells her he got fired from his job. She thinks this would be a good time for him to go back to school. Emily walks in looking for Tom. Margo says he had an early meeting this morning which irritates Emily. She tries to give Margo information about Daniel’s summer camp but Margo tells her to leave Tom a note about it and then she leaves. Casey blames Margo’s mood on him. Emily tells him he should have found a new job before confessing it to his mother.

Carly tells Jack she can’t do this anymore. She says one minute he is sleeping with her in her bed and the next thing he is back sleeping on the sofa. She says they are sending mixed signals to the kids and she thinks it has to stop so she wants Jack to leave. He says he promised them he would be there for them. She says they can talk to the kids when they get home from school. She just can’t do this anymore. He packs his things and when he comes down he tells her he is ready to go. She ignores him as she dries dishes. He comes into the kitchen and tells her he is going. She tells him to call her before coming to talk to the kids but doesn’t turn to look at him.

Alison is going over some papers when Chris walks in. She says it is from nursing school that she has been accepted at but the tuition could be a problem. She says she can get the money from the trust fund that Dusty left her for school but she needs Emily’s or Susan’s permission. She says her mother is out of town and she isn’t speaking to Emily. Chris urges her to go talk to Emily.

Emily asks Casey if he has any office skills. He says he can type. She offers him the job to replace her assistant that recently quit. He asks how much does she pay, but she says that depends on his abilities. He says fair enough. She tells him it is a today offer only so if he wants it to show up at her office with a tie and a shirt. Later he meets her and he tells her when he was in prison he worked in the wardens office so he has a little experience. She says that is fine so he can have the job. She tells him she has some work to do so she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

When she disappears in her office Alison and Chris walks in surprised to see Casey there. She tells him she needs to speak to Emily and it is important. He says hang on and he goes into Emily’s office. She wants to know what part of do not disturb did he not understand. He tells her Alison is there to see her. She says great but wants to know who is with her. When he says Chris Emily changes her mind and tells him to tell them she is not available. He says that isn’t true. She orders him to tell them she is not available to speak with them. He goes out and tells Alison that the only way Emily will speak to her is if she gets rid of Chris. Chris gets mad and storms into Emily’s office and asks her what is wrong with her and why is she treating her sister like this. She calls Casey in and tells him to throw Chris out. He says he doesn’t have to because he is leaving. He tells Chris the deal was for Alison to talk to Emily not him. Chris leaves and Alison goes in to talk to Emily. Emily signs her paper and tells her congratulations. Alison thanks her and leaves and goes to tell Chris the news.

Holden confronts Lily about the things he found in the paper bag. Lily tells him she only kept those few things but he asks her why. She says Dusty was very important to her as her friend and she just wanted something to remember him by. She says she lied about them because she knew he wouldn’t understand. Holden says that he can’t live with all the lies between them. She asks him what he wants her to do, move out. He says no, they tried that and it didn’t work. She asks him if he wants a divorce. He tells her no but then he leaves. Later Lucinda comes in and talks to Lily. They agree she needs to get away for a while to get some perspective on things. When Holden comes in Lucinda tells him what Lily has decided. He goes in to talk to her and he says he hates her leaving but maybe it would help her. When she starts to leave he tells her to be sure to come back to them

Holden is sitting there looking at the note Lily left which only says “love you”. He has tears in his eyes as he sits there. Carly walks in and apologizes saying she was looking for Lily. He says she is gone. Carly hesitates but then she places her hand on his shoulder.

Brad jumps out of bed saying he will be right back. She sits up and asks him doesn’t he want to make love. He says yes he does but he has to go to the store first. He says he doesn’t want her to get pregnant. She says what would be wrong with that. He says they need a little time to get to know each other first. Katie gets irritated and says fine then they won’t have any sex at all and leaves.

She goes to talk to Margo and Brad comes in wanting her to come with him but when she refuses he picks her up and carries her out the door over his shoulder. He tells her he is not going to let her run away from their problems. He tells her from now on when she has a problem to come to him, he is her husband and he is who she should be talking to. She says she is afraid if she tells him something he will tell her she will never be able to have what she wants. He tells her to tell him anyway so she starts telling him about all she had in other marriages. She says she wants it all and when he said he didn’t want kids it freaked her out. He says hold on he never said he never wanted kids. He explains what he meant when he told her that and Katie understands better now so they kiss.

Jan Barrett

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