Meg and Mike get out the hot air balloon only to have Paul run up and grab hold of Mike accusing him of taking his idea of taking Meg up in the balloon. Mike and Meg don’t understand what is going on. Mike tells Paul to take Meg up now but Paul says it is too late and storms off. The balloon owner brings them a champagne picnic and Mike says no wonder Paul was so upset. Mike says Paul really went all out. He says well they may as well enjoy it. Meg tells Mike about her and Paul’s past. She says it is over between her and Paul and she is not willing to make those same mistakes over again.

Carly and Jack go to the farm for a small dinner party Lily and Holden are giving. When they get there Lily and Holden go upstairs to give the kids a good night kiss to leave Carly and Jack alone. Jack goes outside to make a call to the station and leaves Carly alone so she opens the bottle of wine they had to go with dinner. When Lily and Holden come down they find Carly alone. Holden goes out to get Jack and tells him that the dinner party was not his idea. Jack says he knows but maybe he can tell Lily to put the brakes on a little. Holden agrees when they go back inside.

At the table Carly tells Lily she can see what she is trying to do for them but it just isn’t working. Jack says they don’t have to talk about him and Carly. Lily doesn’t see their problem. Lily tells Jack he is stupid. She says Carly is beautiful and smart and intelligent and he is crazy not to be falling all over her. Holden walks in and tells Lily that is enough. Jack says Carly is drinking too much wine and thinks she has had enough. Lily suggests that they hold hands so they can say grace.

Afterwards Jack seems to have snatched his hand away from Carly and it makes her mad. He tells her she is embarrassing herself and Lily and Holden. She snaps at him saying what about what she deserves. She asks doesn’t she deserve some respect and she walks out. Lily thinks someone should go after Carly but Jack refuses to go.

Holden goes to look for her and finds her on the back porch. Holden gets Carly to come back in and she asks if they can just pretend she just got there. Lily agrees and she asks Jack if they can just starts this all over again. They are interrupted by a phone call from Parker asking if a temperature of 103 is bad. Carly asks who is sick and he says not them but the babysitter is. Jack says they need to go home now so they excuse themselves from the party and go home.

Aaron and Sofie meet with Chris and Alison. Right away Aaron gets insulted when Chris took it upon himself to order for everyone saying that it’s since they invited them to join them. Chris says next time they can get it. Aaron has a chip on his shoulder. Chris says he just wanted the four of them to get along that is all. Alison says well it is no secret that she and Sofie have not seen eye to eye lately. Sofie notices Paul at the Lakeview. She excuses herself to go check on him. He asks her what she is doing there. He tells her to go back to her friends and walks out. When she goes back to her table she tells them she needs to go check on Barbara.

Sofie goes to Fairwinds and Paul tells her she shouldn’t have come. She tells him that he was there for her when no one else was so when he is so upset like this she intends to be there for him too. She asks what happened with the balloon. He says the guy showed up with it but he wasn’t there because of the time he was at the hospital. He says Meg got the balloon ride without him. Sofie says if it had been for her she would have known who ordered it for her. Sofie is all upset claiming that Meg was wrong. Paul tells her that he loves Meg and he knows she loves him but there is always something in their way.

Suddenly Meg walks in and Paul tells her that he is glad she is there. Sofie stands up as she seems surprised that Meg walked in. She tells Meg hi. Meg tells her hi and asks if she is interrupting something. He tells her no that Sofie was just leaving. When Sofie leaves Paul and Meg talk. He tells her that he will make it up to her, he promises. He tells her he is scared if he takes things slowly she will drift farther away. She says the only way that will happen if he doesn’t make any more changes in his life. He asks her about her friendship with Mike and she can’t believe he is jealous of Mike. She asks him if this is how it is always going to be. She says will he think that about any man she talks to.

She compares it with his friendship of Sofie. She says when she walked in it looked like he and she were about to hold hands. She asks should she be jealous of Sofie. He laughs and says of Sofie and then stops laughing. He says he got it and realizes he was wrong. She laughs and kisses him. When Meg leaves the man that owns the balloon calls Paul and asks him how he enjoyed his balloon ride. Paul says well he didn’t get to go on the ride so he can say it wasn’t good for him. The man tells him that the picnic basket was returned empty. Paul hangs up on the guy and thinks he is going to get to Mike for this one.

Sofie goes back to the Lakeview to join Aaron and Alison and Chris. Chris starts praising her for how good she is to be taking care of Barbara even after what Barbara done to her. Aaron gets aggravated and says he has had enough and walks out. Alison goes after Aaron and gets him to come back. He comes back to the table and asks Sofie if she wants a ride back but Chris says Sofie hasn’t even had the chance to eat yet. Sofie says that is ok, she isn’t really hungry so they leave. Alison tells Chris it was his attitude that ran them out. Out in the hallway Aaron confronts Sofie about her lying to him about calling to check on Barbara. He tells her he knows she didn’t call. He knows she left. She admits she went to Fairwinds to see Paul. Aaron says he not only is mad at Chris now he has to deal with her lying to him too.

Meg goes back to the farm and finds Lily and Holden cleaning the kitchen. They tell her that the dinner party wasn’t what they expected it to be. She tells them she is going to go to bed. Holden tells Lily to go on up to bed, that he will finish the cleaning. When he opens the cabinet to put a canister up he notices the brown paper bag. He opens it and finds some of Dusty’s things that were in the box that Lily said she was throwing away.

Jan Barrett

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