Sofie walks in and says hey to Paul. He asks what she is doing there. She says she came to take his mother to her treatment. He tells her he needs to find a way to wipe Meg off her feet with some sort of romantic tactic. He asks her what would be her most romantic dream. She tells him a trip with the one she loves in a Hot Air Balloon. He gets all excited and says that is a great idea. Barbara comes in and says if they are busy she can go on her own to her treatment but they say it is ok, they are going to take her.

While at the hospital waiting on Barbara Paul arranges to have a hot air balloon ride with Meg. He is happy saying he just knows this is going to work. He tells them to go to the Snyder Farm this afternoon. Alison walks in and tells Paul his mother is asking for him. Paul leaves Sofie sitting there and goes to check on her. Paul asks how long they will keep Barbara after her treatment. Chris tells him only a few minutes to make sure she is ok. Just then Alison walks in and tells them Barbara is having some sort of reaction to the treatment so they take off to find out what is wrong. Barbara is dehydrated and she is exhausted. Chris says he wants to keep her overnight so Paul tells her she should. When Chris leaves the room Barbara tells Paul that it is ok if he leaves. She promises she isn’t going anywhere. He says ok, kisses her good bye and then leaves.

Meg is at the farm when Mike walks in. They talk and she asks him how he is doing. She says she heard about Brad and Katie getting married and he says it is hard on him to face that it is over between him and Katie. Mike leaves and the phone rings. The caller is for Mike and she says he is out on the field but she doesn’t think he can get a signal on his phone out there. Aaron walks in and she asks him if he is up to watching the baby for a little while for her. When he says yes she goes out after Mike to bring him a message from the caller. When she gets out to the field she tells Mike the message for him and she says they said it was an emergency.

A man walks up and asks if they are the couple that ordered a hot air balloon. The guy says that someone ordered it even though Meg says it wasn’t them. Mike says oh well since the ride has already been paid for he and Meg should go ahead and take it. Meg smiles and the guy says the ride is paid for so they may as well. Mike talks Meg into going with him. They get inside the balloon not knowing that it was Paul that ordered it for him and Meg, not for Meg and Mike. Just as the balloon lifts off Paul is seen running in the field yelling for them but it is too late. They are up in the air already without even seeing Paul.

Luke and Casey are trying to make a movie of the new couple together and they decide that Noah needs to carry Ameera in over the threshold of their first home. They try it the first time but they say it wasn’t very convincing so they do it again. When Noah sets her down she looks at him and kisses him surprising everyone. Casey says he doesn’t think that took because it seems as though the switch was stuck. Ameera says they can do it again but Casey says no that is ok. They have enough for the night.

They all go to Al’s Diner and Casey and Ameera sit at the table while Noah and Luke sit at the counter. She keeps looking over at them while Casey tries talking to her. He can’t help but notice that she can’t take her eyes off of Noah so he asks her if she has fallen in love with Noah. She says he shouldn’t ask such things. She says Noah loves Luke. She says it doesn’t change the fact that she is his wife. Casey says no offence but Noah is into guys.

Luke and Noah walk up and ask what is going on. Ameera tells them nothing but she was just worried that someone would see them together. Noah says everything is ok. They all just look like couples. Luke puts his arm around Casey, but Casey freaks out saying he has had enough of it. He repeats that he is not gay. He says he is tired of this game and he reminds them that he has to live in this town too and he doesn’t want people to think he is gay too. Noah asks him please to just keep this up a little longer. Casey says well what does Ameera wants him to do. She tells him he can go if he wants to.

He says thanks and he walks out but Luke runs after him. Casey tells Luke that Ameera is in love with Noah but Luke thinks she really likes Casey. Casey insists that he can’t keep this up and leaves. Noah and Ameera and Luke go back to the cottage and Luke tries to make Noah see that Ameera is falling in love with him. He says he didn’t want to see it either til Casey made him open his eyes.

Chris asks Alison to join him for dinner tonight. He asks her to come but he tells her he wants them to have dinner with Aaron and Sofie. Alison doesn’t want to go but Chris offers to buy her a new dress and have her show Aaron what he gave up by seeing how good she is doing. She finally agrees and they head over to a shop to pick out a dress. Once again while Alison is trying on a dress, Emily walks in and sees her with Chris. Automatically Emily accuses Alison of letting Chris buy her and wants to know what else she is doing for Chris and then she storms out the shop. This upsets Alison but Chris convinces her not to let Emily get to her. Finally she agrees and they get the dress.

Jan Barrett

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