Katie is a nervous wreck. She says she will never make it to the altar on time. The girls are fixing her hair and helping her with her makeup and her dress. Kim comes in and says 15 minutes til air time. Katie says she will never make it on time and she steps forward and she can hear a ripping sound. Her dress just ripped so they have to get it off of her to mend it.

She is in a panic stage when Mike comes into the room wanting to talk to her. Katie tells him not now Mike. He says that is ok, he has seen her mad before and in her underwear. He tells her that her wedding day is suppose to be the happiest day of her life and then he points out that she looks like she is falling apart and about to cry. She yells at him telling him her heart is full of love for Brad and he needs to see that it is over between them. He tells her it is not over and she needs to stop this wedding til he and she have a chance to figure out their feelings for each other.

Kim looks in and sees Mike. She tells him to get out because Katie needs to get ready. They only have 5 minutes left. They get Katie’s dress done and when she is about to put it on Katie tells Mike it is over. She throws him out the room so she can get dressed.

Lily is still mourning over Dusty’s death as she goes through the box of things he left for her. It is causing problems between her and Holden. She tells herself that Dusty was her first love and wonders what she is going to do without him. She takes the box of things out to the garbage to prove she can get rid of it all but goes back to it and takes a few things out. She puts them in a paper bag and hides it behind the canisters in the cabinet. She whispers that she is sorry Holden, but she just can’t let go of Dusty completely.

Jack and Mike both show up for the wedding thinking they are the best man. Henry tells them he is the matron of honor confusing everyone.  Brad comes in and says everyone is looking sharp. Jack pulls Brad off to the side and asks him if this is a joke. Brad tells him it is all good and yes Katie knows about it all. Brad asks Jack if he can please stay and stand up for his brother. Mike walks up and says he is there reporting as best man.

Tom and Margo talk about Katie’s wedding to Brad. Tom thinks she should give in and go to her sister’s wedding. Margo is being stubborn and refuses to go. She says she would be a hypocrite if she went because she thinks it is a bad idea.  She sits down and turns the TV on. He asks if she is even going to watch it on TV at least. Finally Tom talks Katie into going.

Kim announces it is time. The wedding starts and the minister freezes on them when he sees the cameras on. They are forced to go to a commercial. Katie and Brad panic not knowing what they are going to do. She remembers that Henry has a license to perform a wedding so she gets him to replace the minister. When it comes time to say their vows Katie gets the hiccups. She has to stop the wedding since they can’t stop them. Margo walks in with Tom. They tell her that the ceremony had to stop because Katie got the hiccups. She says she use to do that when she was a kid when she got nervous. They ask her if she knows how to stop them.

Margo walks in the room with Katie and screams in her ear “cellulite”. Katie screams, jumps up and yells where, where. She realizes now the hiccups are gone and they all laugh. Now they all go back and try again. This time just as they are putting the rings on each other’s fingers Margo whispers in her ear one more time is this what she really wants and Katie passes out.

When she comes to Kim tells them they are out of commercials so if they are going to have a wedding here they have to go now. Katie wakes up and just looks dazed. Brad chases everyone out of the room and he talks to her. He tells her he confesses that he asked Mike to be his best man as a test to see if she really wanted to be with him. He offers to let her off the hook of marrying him if this is too much pressure on her. He says he will let her go to be with someone else if that is what she wants. He says he loves her that much. She doesn’t want to change her mind.

They come out the room and Kim asks her what she is going to do. Are they still going to have a wedding? Katie says yes. Henry finishes the ceremony and pronounces them husband and wife. And they kiss. Jack and Mike both looks disappointed. After they cut the cake on the air the cameras go off. Jack offers his congratulations. Brad says he bets he thought it would never happen. Jack says he knew it would because this is what Katie wanted. Jack tells Brad he better take good care of her and Brad gives him his word that he always will. Mike asks Henry to tell the new couple good bye for him. Henry thinks that is the best thing he can do.

Brad carries Katie back to their hotel room. She says they have to have their first dance together after he puts a lei around her neck. He says never fear Don Ho is here. She says Don who? He says just wait and he puts the stereo on with the song Tiny Bubbles playing and they start dancing. Brad says the best thing he ever did was to marry her.

Mike goes to the Lakeview and orders a drink at the bar. He takes out the statue of the angel he got for Katie. He sits there looking at the angel. Suddenly he drinks the drink down and knocks over the angel and walks out.

Carly comes in after pouring her heart out to Holden and she explains to Lily that things are over with her and Jack. Lily talks Holden into having a small dinner party for them and inviting Carly and Jack. They ask Carly about it and she finally agrees to ask Jack. When Jack gets home from the wedding he tells Carly that Katie and Brad got married and he and Mike were both the best man. She asks him if he is ok and he says Katie is happy, this is what she wanted so yes he is ok. She tells him about Lily and Holden having a dinner party and they asked her to ask him to come with her. He tells her sure why not, it might be fun.

Jan Barrett

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