Katie is missing a matron of honor and she says it is no big deal. Brad tells her when she sees him with his best man she is going to feel bad. She says again it is no big deal. Kim walks in and tells her of course it is a big deal and she needs to find one. Brad wants to know who they are going to get at this late date. Katie thinks about Vienna. She says she will ask her and Brad says ok but before she asks her he wants to know if there is any way she can patch things up with Margo first. She says that is out of the question and she leaves. Kim wants to know who Katie will ask to be the ring bearer but Brad doesn’t know but he says he has an idea and kisses Kim on the forehead and leaves.

Carly tells Jack that the alarm system at Metro is broken and she can’t renew her insurance til it is fixed. Jack says that she can’t open without an inspection and it won’t be approved without the alarm system so he offers to go down there and see if he can fix it for her. Carly says sarcastically that he is being awfully nice. She tells him thanks but no thanks and in case he hasn’t noticed she can take care of herself and she heads for the door. He tells her he had hoped that they could find a way to be friends but she says no and she leaves. When Carly gets to work she calls a repairman and can’t get one but Jack walks in and starts checking the system no matter how much Carly complains. She tells him to get out and leave her alone but he ignores it and starts working on it anyway. She tells Jack that she can’t take this anymore. He tells her to find a way to live with it, she will get use to it after awhile anyway.

Katie goes to the diner to talk to Vienna and finds Mike there. When he leaves she asks Henry what Mike was doing there. He says he was having breakfast and then asks why she is there. She says she came to talk to Vienna, because she wants her to be her matron of honor. He says she is at home with the chicken pox. They can’t think of anyone else suitable until she thinks of him. She says he has been her best friend for as long as she can remember. He says but she is forgetting that Brad asked him to be his best man. She says Brad can find someone else. Henry suggests that Brad asks Jack to stand up for him and that way it would prove to everyone that they have moved on. She doesn’t think Brad would ever go for it. Henry tells her he guesses it will be up to her then.

Brad goes to talk to Margo and begs her not abandon Katie on her wedding day. Margo tells him she doesn’t think Katie is ready to remarry. He accuses Margo of being a hard ass. She says she has been called that before. She suggests that he doesn’t marry Katie until she proves to him that he is the one she really loves. He asks how he is supposed to do that. She tells him that is his problem not hers and she walks away. Brad goes to see Henry and he tells him how Katie talked him into standing up for her. Brad says that’s not fair and then he gets a no brainer idea and runs out.

Brad goes to Mike and asks him to be his best man. Mike thinks Katie sent him there to ask him this. Brad assures him that she didn’t. Mike asks Brad how come he would want him to do this when he thinks that he came back to get Katie back. Brad says he never thought that and besides even if he did he knows he couldn’t because Katie loves him. Brad convinces Mike to be his best man. 

Jack and Carly argue and Carly starts screaming at him when Katie walks in. When Carly sees her she yells at her asking her what’s the matter isn’t two men enough for her that now she wants Jack again too. She says “Well be my guest, you can have him” and then she walks out.  Katie apologizes for interrupting. She tells him she is there to ask him to be Brad’s best man. She admits that Brad has no idea she is there asking. She says she knows he will agree because he loves her. Jack doesn’t like it but he finally agrees to do it but only if it is what his brother would want. She thanks him and then hugs him.

Carly runs out to the farm asking for Lily. Holden tells her that Lily isn’t there. She breaks down and says things are getting really bad. She realizes she can’t talk to Holden about this. He tells her she can talk to him. She says no thanks, the last thing she needs is to talk to another Snyder and then she leaves. Holden grabs a jacket and goes out after her. He follows her and tells her to talk to him but she tells him to leave her alone. He says he can see how upset she is, and she lays into him blaming all the Snyder men.

Brad meets with Katie at the station and she tells him about Henry and then she explains how she found him another best man. She says she asked Jack to stand up for him. He tells her that isn’t going to work. She wants to know how come. He says because he already asked someone else. He tells her he asked Mike. He thinks this would be great when she says she doesn’t want three of her exes there. He says that it might be cool to have them all give her away. Kim walks in and asks how they are doing in there. Brad asks how she would feel about three of Katie’s exes being in the wedding. Kim thinks and then smiles and says they will have their own soap opera then and she walks out.

Jan Barrett

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