Carly is opening Metro back up! Katie and Brad plan an on air wedding without Margo!

Katie wants to sleep but Brad tells her that she needs to get up because Margo would kill them if they are late. When Brad leaves Katie gets a gift delivered to her. It is an Angel from Mike. She calls him and tells him she needs to talk to him. She meets him and tells him she can not accept this gift. He wants to know why not. She says because she isn’t his Angel anymore. She throws the gift at him and tells him she doesn’t want it and turns to walk away but she trips and rolls into the water and Mike laughs.

Mike tries talking to Katie. She tells him she is moving on and she is not his angel anymore. When she gets home she starts undressing when Mike comes in. He says Lisa gave him the key. Katie tells him to get out of there but before she can say anything else he grabs her and kisses her. She pushes him away and she tells him time doesn’t stop. She said he left her after one mistake but Brad would never do that to her. She tells him that he treated her like a slut. Mike tells Katie that he wants her back. She tells him no, she says he never even called her, not even once. She asks him if he loves her and when he doesn’t answer she told him she is not giving up what she has for him. She kicks him out.

Parker wants to know what happened between Jack and Carly. When Jack wants to put it off Carly tells Jack not to lie to him. She tells Parker that they tried to work things out but they don’t agree with what that involves. Then she tells Parker that Jack wants to be their father but he just doesn’t want to be her husband anymore. Carly tells Parker that Jack can’t get over some of the things she has done. He doesn’t understand but Jack says that they needed them to be together so they done what they had to do. Parker gets mad and leaves.

Jack doesn’t agree with how Carly handles this. She says she is not going to lie to him or to herself either. Later Jack tells Carly they need to figure out a way to do this with the kids. She tells him she doesn’t want his advice. She says she is going to reopen Metro even though Jack doesn’t approve. She leaves saying she has to go to Metro and see about getting it cleaned up. She tells Jack he needs to watch after the kids when they get home from school. She asks if he can manage that. He tells her yes he can, she says good and leaves.

Carly has had enough of the cleaning so she calls for a cleaning crew to come clean up at Metro. Meanwhile Jack gets a call at home from the police station and he has to go to work. He tries calling Carly but the cleaning crew is there and she can’t hear her phone because of the noise. Jack leaves the kids alone when JJ and Parker say they will look after Sage. When Carly comes home she asks where Jack is. They tell her that he went to work even though he didn’t want to. Carly gets mad and calls a sitter and leaves to go see Jack.

Sage over hears Parker and JJ talking and they tell her the truth. Sage starts crying after saying that they told her that they would be a family now. At the police station Carly and Jack fight over him leaving the kids at home. She says that he could have called her. He says he did several times. He says besides this isn’t about him leaving the kids, it is more like about him not wanting to be her husband anymore and about him not wanting to sleep with her anymore. She slaps him in the face and leaves without saying another word. She goes home and finds Sage crying and after she asks what happened Parker tells her that she over heard him telling JJ that she and Jack won’t be getting back together again. He apologizes but Carly says it is ok. She had to be told the truth.

Brad goes to see Kim at the station and he finds her pretty upset. She says the ratings are down there and she needs to find something to bring them back up. Brad thinks about an on-air wedding. Kim likes the idea but tries talking Brad out of it. Then she says it would really do the ratings good but she needs to talk to Katie about it first before they decide. He says Katie loves the show. Kim tells him to talk to her and let her know.

Margo is trying to entertain the minister at her house that she is hoping will perform the ceremony. Katie and Brad are late and he isn’t happy. Brad walks in and Margo asks him where Katie is. He tells her he has no idea. When it is apparent that Katie is not going to show the minister gets upset and says they will have to do this another day. He tells Brad to locate his bride and then give him a call and they can talk. He leaves the house.

Margo takes this as another sign that this marriage is all wrong. Katie comes in and says she is sorry she is late and gets upset since the Minister is gone. Katie asks Brad to go get her some coffee. When Brad leaves Margo asks Katie if she was with Mike. Katie admits it. Then they start arguing about Katie marrying Brad. Katie realizes that Margo is not really on her side. Margo tells her that she has got to step back. Margo says she can not be a part of this. Katie says that is fine if she doesn’t want to be a part of this wedding and she gets her purse and leaves. Brad wants to know what is wrong and she tells him to ask her, then Margo tells him to ask her.

Katie goes to the TV Station and runs into Kim. Kim asks her if she talked to Brad but Katie doesn’t know what she is talking about. Kim says the show isn’t in trouble, at least not in something that they can’t handle. Kim mentions something about having the wedding on air. Brad walks in just as Kim mentions it and tries making an excuse telling her he was going to talk to her about it. Before he can say anymore Katie says she loves the idea and agrees to do it making Kim really happy. Brad says he doesn’t think Margo will like it. Katie tells him Margo won’t be there so it doesn’t matter.

Jan Barrett

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