Paul interviews a nurse at Fairwinds to help take care of Barbara when she gets out of the hospital. Sofie tells him she has learned a lot in the past month at the hospitals and she thinks this nurse would be a very good nurse for Barbara. Aaron calls Sofie and she tells him she has been helping Paul with a nurse for his mother.

Mike goes out to the farm and talks to Meg. She asks him how are things with him and Katie. He tells her he had no idea coming back to Oakdale and Katie would be so difficult. Meg tells him he needs to find a way to let Katie go. Mike leaves and Aaron comes in. He is upset about Sofie being with Paul. He tells Meg he is worried that she is more interested in Paul than she is telling him. Meg says hang on. She calls Paul and says she heard that he hired a nurse for his mother. She invites him to join her for lunch and tells him to bring Sofie with him. Of course Paul is more than happy to be having lunch with Meg so he accepts.

When Paul and Sofie arrive Aaron comes in with a fussy Ethan. Seeing the baby upsets Sofie so she runs out and Aaron runs after her leaving the fussy Ethan with Paul and Meg. They get Ethan calmed down and asleep. Paul worries about Sofie but Meg tells him to let Aaron take care of Sofie. She suggests that they go get Ethan and take a walk to leave Aaron and Sofie some time alone if they come back to the farm.  They decide to go to lunch at the Lakeview. They let Ethan walk around while waiting.

While they talk they realize that Ethan has disappeared. They go all over looking for him but can’t find them. They see him on a camera on the elevator and see that he has stopped it in between floors. Meg panics and Paul tries to calm her down telling her they will get him out. They call the fire department and Meg can’t wait for them. Paul tells her he won’t let anything happen to him. He tells her to wait right there. When the fire department comes they see the baby on the camera but she sees Paul jumping in and saving Ethan.

Katie goes to see Margo and tells her thanks for the party she gave them for her engagement. Margo tells her that she did it to let her know that she will support her for her wedding. Katie says she is glad to hear this since things are moving faster than she originally planned. She tells Margo they have decided to get married right away. Margo asks her if they are eloping but Katie says no, they will just have a small wedding. Margo says she will support her by giving her some advice. She says don’t rush into this before she talks to Mike. Katie tells her that she has talked to Mike and they both agreed it was time for them to move forward. She tells Margo she is going to marry Brad now with or without her help so Margo agrees to help her. Katie says they have to begin with finding her a dress. Katie tells Margo thanks.

Brad goes to see Henry and he tells him that he and Katie are getting married as soon as Katie can find a dress. Henry says great and the sooner the better now that Mike is in town. Brad says he doesn’t have to worry about Mike anymore. He asks Henry if he will be his best man and of course Henry agrees. Henry takes Brad and has him fitted for a tuxedo for the wedding. Back at Al’s Diner Brad says he has to see Katie and talk to her. Henry tells him that is bad luck but Brad says nothing will stop this wedding.

Katie and Margo go looking for a wedding dress. They tell Lisa they need one that won’t need any alterations because there is no time before the wedding. She asks who the lucky man is. Katie tells her Brad Snyder. Lisa hurries them into a dressing room insisting that she tries these dresses on. While they are doing that Lisa calls Mike and makes up a story about the possibilities of having termites there and begs him to check on it for her. Lisa brings Katie more dresses for Katie to try on hoping she can keep her there til Mike gets there.

Lisa pretends to be choking and sends Margo out for bottled water for her. The bell rings on the door indicating that perhaps a customer is coming in so Lisa leaves Katie in the dressing room to go check. It is Mike and she tells him she saw termites somewhere around the dressing rooms but she can’t remember which one. He asks her well is there anyone in them and about that time Katie comes out in a wedding gown.

Mike looks at her and says hello and then calls her Angel and he tells her she sure looks beautiful. Margo comes back and Lisa tries to stop her from going back into the shop. Margo sees Mike through the window and rushes in asking him what he is doing there. About that time Brad comes in and Katie yells to him that he can not see her in her dress and she runs back into the dressing room. Lisa tries shoving Brad out the room but he tells her that there is bad luck in there for sure but it is not him seeing Katie in her dress and he looks at Mike.

Margo goes into the dressing room to talk to Katie and she finds her on the floor crying. She tells Margo about Mike calling her Angel. Margo says maybe that’s a sign. She says no. She is ready to be happy and she knows that Brad is the one that can make her happy. Margo says ok and then offers to have the wedding at her house. Katie hugs her thanking her and tells her to go out here and tells Lisa to fire up that register because she has found her wedding dress. Margo goes out and tells Brad Katie is fine and will be out in a minute. When Katie comes in Brad apologizes to her and promises he didn’t even see her dress. She tells him it is all ok and everything is going to be just fine.

In the meantime she takes Lisa outside and gets her to confess what she did. Margo tells her that Katie has made it clear to her that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks she is going to marry Brad so the best thing they can do is support her now with it.

Jan Barrett

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