Lily is sitting at the table looking at the picture of her that was in the box with Dusty’s things when Holden comes downstairs. She tells him she hasn’t decided yet what to do with the stuff. She finds Luke outside and he tells her how frustrated he is about Noah’s marriage to Ameera.
Noah wakes up and wonders where Ameera is. When he calls out to her she tells him she is in the next room. When he comes out he asks her what smells so good. She tells him she decided to cook an American breakfast but they didn’t have any bacon. He notices that she doesn’t have the head scarf on. She apologizes and says she will get it but he stops and tells her she has beautiful hair and she shouldn’t cover it up.

After they eat Noah is helping Ameera clean up and she doesn’t know how to take it. He tells her in America the man and woman share the chores. She says she saw Lily and Holden doing it together but she thought it was just because they are special. He says well they are special but they are a good example and then he tells her besides he never told her she couldn’t help and he hands her a towel.

Luke comes in without knocking with a smile on his face until Noah asks him what he is doing there. Luke tells them he has an idea as to how they can spend more time together without anyone questioning them. He says they can make a movie about couples that come from different cultures and say it is a school project. They agree to start by interviewing Ameera. They ask her about her life in Iraq and when she starts talking about it she gets upset and runs out the room.

Katie wakes and her phone rings. She takes the call in the bathroom because Brad is sleeping. It is Mike asking her if she is free for coffee. She looks out and sees Brad is still sleeping so she agrees to meet him downstairs. When she gets dressed and starts to sneak out he asks her if she is going to get them some coffee. She tells him she was going down to meet Mike for coffee. Brad tells her to go on and he would catch up with her later. She thanks him for understanding, kisses him and then leaves.

Katie meets with Mike and while they are sitting talking Henry sees them and then heads upstairs saying Bradley Snyder needs to get his butt down here right now. He goes to Brad’s room and tells him about Katie being down there with Mike having coffee together. Brad tells him he knows all about it, they use to be married. Henry says he is being profoundly stupid. Henry makes Brad give this a second thought and he decides to go down there to see Katie and Mike.

Katie and Mike talk and she tells him all about Brad. Mike asks her if she is marrying Brad on a rebound from him. She explains that all that is in her past and she has moved on. Brad walks up and says it is good to see Mike again and just sits next to Katie uninvited. Brad asks Mike how long he is planning on staying in Oakdale. Brad tells Mike that he and Katie will be getting married tomorrow. Katie and Brad start bickering back and forth which seems to make Mike happy but he tells them he has to go.

When he walks away Katie asks Brad why he had to shoot his mouth off like that.  Brad tells her he only wanted Mike to know where things stand between them. He suggests that they really do get married tomorrow. She says well she doesn’t have a dress for one thing. He says well she will just have to get one. She says yes then she will marry him and they kiss.

Mike runs into Henry when he leaves Katie and Brad and Henry point blank asks him if he is back in town to try and get Katie back. Henry tells Mike that Brad is good for Katie. Mike says he needs to find out if there is anything left between him and Katie and he turns and walks back in the room where Katie is just in time to see her and Brad kissing.

Carly wakes up and expects to find Jack in bed but he is gone. When she goes downstairs she finds him in the kitchen making coffee. She tells him last night made her feel better than she has felt in a very long time. He turns around and tells her that what happened between them last night was a mistake. She asks how he can say that, last night was amazing. He says she is right, he has always said sex between them has never been a problem. He says he can’t do this again with her. They can never go back like they were before.

Jack says last night was his fault because he had too much beer last night. She stops him asking if he is saying he was drunk. He says that isn’t what he meant but when he calls last night a weak moment with her she gets offended and walks out the room. She comes back after she is dressed and Jack apologizes for hurting her. She tells him he did hurt her and last night meant more to her than it did to him since he apparently was drunk. She tells him she expected a lot more from him out of this and then she leaves the house.

Carly heads out to the farm and she is furious. She tells Lily she is so mad at Jack. She explains to her how she and Jack slept together last night. Lily says this is huge and Carly says she thought so too until Jack says it was all a huge mistake. She says when he pulled away from her it was like she got kicked in her gut. She says she just can’t keep going like this. Lily tells her the best thing to do would be to kick Jack out. Carly tells her that she can’t because of the kids. She says she can’t let them down again.

Meanwhile Holden runs into Jack and Jack explains how he had one too many to drink and he ended up in bed with Carly. He says it was a mistake and he asks Holden if he has any suggestions on how to handle this one. Holden says only one. He suggests that Jack moves out. Jack says he can’t because of Parker. He says he needs to be there for the kids. Holden thinks he is wrong but Jack insists that he won’t disappoint the kids again.

Jack goes home and asks Carly when she got back. They start arguing but Jack tells her that they need to talk about this. She tells him she would love to throw him to the curve but they promised the kids they would be there together. He says he agrees and then he asks her what is it that she thinks he wants from her. She said she thinks he wants her to stop wanting him and to give up on them so she is going to do that. She says she is done trying and walks out the room.

Jan Barrett

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