Lily and Holden ask Luke to baby-sit tonight but he says he already has plans to help Noah and Ameera move out tonight. They ask how come they are moving out and Luke tells them about how Immigration has been watching them and how they found it strange that the married couple are living with his best friend’s parents.  Lily has to call Margo and she tells her that she and Holden can’t come to the party tonight because their babysitter can’t watch the kids. She tells her that Meg can’t show up either.

Parker doesn’t really want to go to Katie and Brad’s party tonight. Carly doesn’t mind if he stays home but she pretends that he really needs to go with them. He says he has no problems with Katie marrying Brad but he would rather go out with his friends tonight. Carly tells him ok then he can go with his friends instead just as Jack walks in. Jack disagrees and says he wants him to come with them. Jack lets him go since that is what he wants. When Parker leaves Carly asks Jack how come it was so important for Parker to go anyway. She accuses him of not wanting to go alone with her because he is afraid that others would think they are there as a couple. Jack calms her down and says come on let’s just go.

At the party they realize the only ones there is Tom, Margo, Jack, Carly, Brad and Katie. They try making the best of it by making small talk amongst them. Jack thanks Tom for all his help with Parker. He tells Jack they did most of the work. Katie looks over at Katie and tells her thank you for all she done to help Parker too. She makes a toast to the happy couple for all the help they gave them with Parker. Katie tells Margo and Tom they are the perfect example of what a married couple should be like. They talk about the ups and downs of their marriage but they always make their way back to each other.

Carly and Katie are talking. Carly asks her has she heard from Mike lately. Katie looks puzzled and Carly asks if she said something wrong. Katie says no but she says Lily asked her the same thing earlier and she was wondering why they both asked her the same thing now. Just then the doorbell rings and Margo answers the door. She is shocked when she sees Mike standing there. She pushes him outside and asks him what he is doing in town. She wants to know if he is there for a visit or what. He asks if there is a problem with him being there or what. She tells him that she has company and to come by the police station tomorrow.

When she starts to go back inside Katie opens the door and sees Mike standing there. Margo goes inside leaving Katie out there with Mike. Brad wants to know who that is out there with Katie. Katie just looks at Mike and doesn’t say anything but she hugs him. She finally asks him if he would like to come inside and meet her fiancé. When they meet Mike says he can’t stay and leaves. Katie walks out the door with him to say good bye. He tells her that he is hoping they can put their past in the past and become friends again. She says she would like that and he leaves.

Casey shows up at the farm to help Noah and Ameera. He brings in a package that he found outside for Lily. When the kids leave Holden asks Lily what is in the package and where did it come from. She tells him it is from Dusty. It is a box of things that belonged to Dusty. She says the note says he wanted her to have it all. The box has a lot of things that brings back memories for her that goes back to her childhood days when she and Dusty were friends.

At the cottage Casey asks Ameera to go out for a walk with him to give Luke and Noah some time alone. She says maybe later but they really have to unpack right now. Noah tells her it is ok, they can unpack later. She finally says ok and she and Casey leave. Noah and Luke run to the bedroom and start jumping up and down on the bed. When they stop they start taking off each other’s shirts and as they start to kiss each other INS rings the doorbell and starts banging on the door telling them to open up. Noah wants to know what they should do. Luke tells him to answer the door and he will go out the bedroom window.

Ameera and Casey drive up and see the man at the door. Casey tells her to go around the back to the window. As she gets to the window Luke is going out so he helps her in. When the immigration officer opens the bedroom door he finds Ameera sitting on the bed in there. The doorbell rings and it is Casey. Luke runs up and says to Noah that he and Casey wanted to know if they wanted to go out for dinner. Noah says thanks but no thanks, he thinks he and Ameera could use some alone time. Luke and Casey leave. Noah turns to the INS agent and asks him if there was anything else.

The man leaves and Luke and Casey return. They agree this isn’t going to be as easy as they thought. Luke and Noah go outside and Luke starts to hug him but Noah pulls away saying they might be still watching them. Luke is hurt now and he says he can’t do this right now and leaves. When Noah goes back inside he hears Casey telling Ameera to be honest with her husband. When Casey leaves he asks her what Casey wants her to talk to him about. She says she hates all the lying and sneaking around. He tells her this is only for a little while. She says she is tired so he suggests that she gets some sleep. She asks him where he will sleep. He says they really need to sleep in the same room in case they come in checking on them again. She agrees with him. When he goes to get his bag she smiles.

Luke goes home and tells Holden it sucked. He tells him that he is beginning to think this whole arrangement with Noah and Ameera getting married was a huge mistake. He tells Holden to be happy that he is free to love whoever he wants to love.

When Carly and Jack get home all she can do is gloat about Katie’s complicated love life. He stops her and says she needs to realize Katie is in his past and he asks what it is going to take to convince her of that. She looks at him and says she thinks he knows the answer to that. He reaches for her and kisses her. She tells him not to do anything with her unless he really means it. He tells her to shut up.

Jan Barrett

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