Emma announces to Holden and Lily that she doesn’t want to run the farm alone anymore and she has decided that she wants to sell the farm. She explains that she would like to keep the house and a small portion of the land and the pond. She says if she sells the rest then she wouldn’t have to worry about the bills or the taxes. Lucinda walks in and they tell her that Emma has decided to sell the farm. Lucinda says it is about time.

Emma says she has to talk to the others about this first and she has to see what Meg thinks about it. Meg walks in and Meg is behind her if it is what she wants. She says they just need to find her a buyer. Lucinda says she has a buyer. She says she will buy it from her. She says she thinks it would be a great investment for Worldwide. Meg reminds Lucinda that Paul is the CEO of Worldwide now so this would have to be his decision. Emma says does she mean that Paul Ryan would be owner of her land? She says over her dead body. Meg tells Emma not to let her stop her from talking to Paul. Meg calls Paul and asks him to come out to the farm. He asks her if this is some sort of April fool’s joke. She says she is serious. They have a proposition for him so he says he is on his way.

Gwen is folding clothes when Will comes home. She says she has something to tell him but she doesn’t know how. Gwen tries to explain to him what Sofie and Barbara suggested. She says Sofie has offered to take his mom to all of her treatments if they would want to stick with their plans on moving. They talk about it and Gwen says maybe it is time that they put their needs first instead of everyone else’s.

Barbara goes to see Paul and asks him to help her convince Will that he and Gwen need to go through with their plans to leave Oakdale. She thinks it would be best for everyone if they left to start over. They go to see Gwen and Will and when they get there Barbara starts telling them that they need to consider moving on with their original plans of moving out of Oakdale. Will stops her and tells her they don’t have to sell the idea to them, they have made a decision to move. Paul gets a call and has to leave. Barbara asks Will and Gwen to at least let her give them a going away party. When Barbara leaves Will asks Gwen if she is really ready for this and she says yes so they say this is it, they are going to move out of Oakdale and start a new life.

Jack tells Carly that she is trying to hard to help him. He says he told her he is there temporary only and there is not enough ice cream in the world to keep him there. Carly blames it all on Katie. She says she would love to know what Katie has that she doesn’t have. Jack tells her that this isn’t about Katie, it is about them. She gets him to let her check his wound out so she can change the bandages. While she is changing it she talks to him about their past. They kid around and Carly ends up slapping Jack right on his wound. He screams out and she smirks and then tells him how sorry she is. They talk about the men in her life and she has an excuse for all of them. She blames her affair with Simon on  Jack though for leaving her house. Carly asks Jack how come he didn’t remember her when he came back to town with Julia. He says because he had amnesia. She tells him she would always know they belong to each other which gets to Jack and they end up kissing.

Katie is in her hotel room and room service has brought her dinner in. She just sits there and after not being able to eat she goes out. Brad is at the diner and he can’t eat either, so he pays his bill and walks out. They both end up in a movie theatre. Brad sits behind Katie and keeps putting his knees into the back of her seat. She turns to tell him something and they are both shocked to see each other there.

Brad keeps whispering in Katie’s ear irritating the people in the theatre. Katie admits to Brad that it is over between her and Jack. He tells her that he always thought their kids would be better looking than any kids she had with Jack. They both can’t concentrate on the movie so they leave and go to the Lakeview and Katie says she is starving. He tells her he is good for her and she agrees. She tells him he is good for her and it isn’t him it is her. She says she just needs some time to figure out what she wants. He tells her he can wait for her as long as it takes.

He walks Katie to her door in the hotel room. She thanks him and she says good night. She kisses him on the cheek. She sees a spot on his shirt and she tells him he needs to get some soda water on it before washing it. He says he doesn’t know what he would do without her, then he kisses her and she kisses him back.

Paul goes out to the farm and they let him know about Emma wanting to sell the farm and Lucinda tells him what she thought about Worldwide buying it. Holden tells Paul he has to warn him that this deal does not include him getting his sister. Paul gives them all something to think about and they all like his offer. Paul tells Emma that he will have some papers drawn up in the morning for her to sign.

Jan Barrett

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