Emily is in bed when Chris walks in. She says well since she is suddenly unemployed she decided there was no reason to get out of bed. He tells her they are going to be moving into a penthouse but Emily is against it.

Emily runs into Dusty in the lobby at the hotel. She tells him she wants him to buy out her half of the paper but he is refusing. Emily tells Dusty to be a man and buy her out and he says no. She says fine then she will find someone else to buy her out. Tom tells her she can’t do that, not without Dusty’s approval.

Parker goes to the diner to see Katie. He tells her how now he is officially a Snyder. She tells him she misses all of them. He says well even though she isn’t still married to his Dad can’t they still be friends. She says she doesn’t know. She tells him that she has to abide by his Mom’s wishes. And besides she would have to talk to his Dad and right now she doesn’t know if she can do that. When she sees how disappointed he is, she says well she can handle his mom, and he says so can he. He invites her to go skating with him later. She says she is a bit rusty and he calls her chicken. She takes that as a dare and says ok she will be there.

Carly goes to the farm with clothes for the kids. She claims they were on sale, but Jack calls her on it. He tells her there was no sale, it is just an excuse. He tells her not to come back til he gets rid of Kit in her life. Sage comes out and is excited to see Carly there. She wants to go home with her Jack puts his foot down and says no.

Carly finds Kit and tells her she wants her money back. She explains that Jack has threatened to take her kids away from her as long as she has anything to do with her. Kit tells her it is too late. The money is in the bank already with a cashier’s check sent off for the purchase already. While they are talking, suddenly Sage shows up. She tells Carly she rode her bike there because she wanted to be with her. Carly tells her she can’t keep doing this, that her Dad would be very worried. When Carly is talking to Sage suddenly two men with guns come out of the bank and one grabs Sage, leaving Carly screaming. Carly begs them to let her go, the man tells them if he sees as much as one cop in this area this little girl is dead meat. The man walks out with Sage leaving Carly screaming even more.

Bob meets with Chris and tells him he just came back from a board meeting. He says he is about to semi retire and the board has approved of him appointing Chris to taking over some of the duties as second in command under him. Chris is excited. Kim asks him if he is planning on staying in town and he says yes.

Parker and Jack are at the skating rink and Katie shows up. She realizes that this was a setup by Parker. When she says she is going to go Jack calls her chicken. Katie asks him what it is with them Snyder men, always daring her. They go out on the rink and as they are skating Brad comes along and runs into Jack and they both fall taking Katie down with them too. Jack tells Parker he has no right setting up him and Katie. Parker tells him that’s what he wanted isn’t it. He apologizes to Jack for it. Parker gets with Brad to go get him some new skates leaving Katie and Jack together.

Carly sneaks her phone out of her purse and calls Jack to tell him that Sage has been taken hostage but Jack doesn’t answer the phone which impresses Katie. Carly gets his voice mail. She whispers to Jack that Sage is being held hostage but before she can say anything else she is hit on the head and her phone is knocked out of her hand.

Margo tells Tom that Casey’s name is on the list for possible early parole. This means he may be home for Christmas. Tom is so excited. Margo worries about how Casey will adjust to life outside of prison now. She wonders how Adam is doing now too.

Jan Barrett

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