As the NIA Quizz David Colley over logs on Daba and co murder-Jammeh agents hunt Town Crier!!
By Town Crier

Dear Editor,

Following the publication of my last  piece about the “Doctorri” Dishonerable Chief Herbalist Jammeh’s alleged escape prisoners; his blood suckers have been let loose with lapping tongues trying to trace the identity of TOWN_CRIER. I was sent an e- mail by someone who calls himself Momodou Ceesay which rather seems stupid. I have said it and will say it again; like father like son (like Jammeh like agents). A bunch of so called agents who think they are smart when their smartness is not above their feet. Below is the e-mail sent to me on the 7th of June 2007.
From: Momodou Ceesay >
Date: Jun 7, 2007 4:14 AM
Subject: Important information for you

I hope that this email meets you in good health
I would like to transfer to you some interesting information, but I must be assured of secrecy,
If you give me this guarantee I will gladly communicate with you.
Thank you
How can someone intelligent start a mail like this? Even a kindergarten kid will first question who you are, how did you get my e-mail and why send me any secret information as if I run any online paper(s). If the said Momodou Ceesay has any information, let him send it to online papers. Town Crier does not need any informers or secret information from anyone.

Town Crier is embedded and so is privy to a lot of information. Town Crier as the name suggest has the information and the only job ahead of me is to disseminate it for public consumption. Mr. Ceesay whoever you are, Town Crier is a step ahead of you and your designator since Town Crier is amorphous. There are many channels and ways my information travels to the freedomnewspaper. If you like my connections are tentacular and my information travels in various ways to its final destination.

I am indeed flabbergasted at how low and I mean low low some people will bend to protect wrong instead of right. Can these people in the future hold their heads high and say yes, I am proud I worked for the the dictator’s regime. How do you go to sleep when our people are being killed and maimed? Why sell your soul to wrong? Why do you see red and call it green? One thing I know is that anything obtained in a wrong way may taste very sweet at the beginning but in the end, it will taste bitter. Which family is here that does not feel the pain we are going through both economically or emotionally? How many of your relatives down are not straining here to make ends meet? No wonder many resort to wrong doings to put food on their tables. So Mr. Ceesay check yourself, breath deep and go to sleep. Town Crier is far ahead of you in this game. Wasalam.

Posted on Saturday, June 09, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, June 26, 2007)
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