Michael Scales, a top British Entrepreneur, who has a wealth of experience on African politics and investment, is calling on the British Government to consider imposing travel ban against The Gambia, pending the lifting of a Presidential decree to kill gay and Lesbian tourists who visist the impoverished West Africa country. Mr. Scales who has been known for his philanthropic activities in The Gambia and beyond, warns that The Gambia is a dangerous place for European gay tourists-most importantly those from his native England. In a terse letter addressed to the British High Commissioner to The Gambia, Mr. Scales calls on the British envoy to join him in his efforts to spearhead a travel ban against The Gambia, since according to Scales Yahya Jammeh is hell bent on endangering the lives of   gay tourists by making open threats against them. Scales also calls on the British High Commissioner to notify the respective British Tour operators about the potential dangers, exposed to their gay guests who had booked to travel to The Gambia. Scales warns that the Gambia is a dangerous zone for gay tourists and should be avoided by all tour operators. Below is the text of Michael Scales letter addressed to the British High Commissioner to The Gambia. Please read on…


 Your Excellency,

                          As a concerned British citizen, may I express my deep foreboding at the extensive media reports indicating the His Excellency President Jammeh has threatened to arrest and detain and execute, citizens who favour Civil Partnerships. This threat is given some substance by the arrest of two fairly aged Spanish citizens for alleged homosexual affiliation.

You will be aware that Britain and Europe protect such minorities rights strongly through adequate legislation.

Could the British Government assure me that it has brought to the attention of British tour operators this significant risk and has taken all possible measure to assure the safety of unsuspecting British visitors to The Gambia.

Would it therefore be prudent to place a temporary ban of British Visitors to The Gambia until reasonable assurances and clarification of the Gambian Governments intent is fully explained. As a frequent visitor to The Gambia, I am always aware of the opportunists that are given to attempted blackmail of the innocent. I am certain that Her Majesties Government would always wish to respect the wishes of any Head of State. Especially one who is a full member of The Commonwealth of Nations.

   Please accept my respectful concerns…..Michael.

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