Famed New York City artist Spencer Tunick is calling for volunteers to pose nude on an Alpine glacier. Tunick, known for taking pictures of thousands of naked people in public places around the world, is hoping to gather about 9,000 people in Switzerland to shoot on their shrinking glaciers. This is being done in collaboration with Greenpeace who announced the shoot on Wednesday. Greenpeace has stated that if global warming continues as rapidly as it is currently going, most glaciers found in Switzerland will have melted by 2080. Details of the shoot and its location is not being released to the public and will only be made available to the volunteers who register for it a week before the shoot.

Tunick has shot several similar photos in various locations around the world including Mexico City and Amsterdam. He has been doing nude public shoots since 1992 using both photography and video to capture his visions. Since 1994, he has created 65 temporary site-related installations around the world. He hopes to give those who view his photographs a different outlook on nudity and privacy. However, his motives have gotten him arrested five times, each of these in New York City where the artist resides. All charges were dropped after each arrest. The actions taken against him led Tunick to file a Federal Civil Rights Law Suit to protect him from being arrested in the future. In May 2000, the Second U.S. District Court promised to protect him under the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Last year in Mexico city, over 6,000 people registered for a shoot. In Barcelona in 2003, 7,000 volunteers participated in a naked shoot there. Those who volunteer must find their own transportation and receive no compensation aside from a signed photograph of the shoot. To many, the experience alone is worth it.

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