I heard a very serious and disturbing story today. A young lady is dead, she did not think that her derrière came up to scratch and so decided to enhance it. But rather than seek the efforts of doctors she decided to let someone inject silicone into her buttocks. The silicone found an easy route via her blood stream to her lungs, it hardened, and alas she died.

It is a sad case, and one that the police are taking very seriously. My question is why would this young lady have taken such a risk? I find it hard to believe that she would have gone for breast augmentation with a Black and Decker drill and a tube of silicone.


Lets face it, this kind of DIY surgery should be out of everyones mind.

Enhancement of the human body is hardly new.  As a teen I discovered my first example. Baseball was not a game I played, but this night I was determined to make it as far around the bases as possible. I was not completely convinced, but the story was plausible. The young lady was concerned that she might be coming down with a cold, and as she had no pockets in her pants had put two boxes of Kleenex in her bra!
I get hundreds of emails everyday, there are always a few that advertise pills and potions to increase my bra size. I find this odd, I don’t plan on appearing on Jerry Springer any time soon, and do not wear a bra! There are also all sorts of ways that I can grow my appendage, one I am quite happy with just the way it is.

Earlier today I was talking to my wife about this subject in general. Apparently (my jaw dropped) butt augmentation is quite common. However there are simpler solutions:


Maybe this should be marketed as Butt to go?

By way of vindication of the female view, she pointed out that there were some male products on the market. This is my favorite.


All I can say is be careful when you next go to your favorite night spot in search of a soul mate.

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