An honored and highly respected teacher of 28 years in Frisco, Texas will be released from her contract when it expires in March after a parent complained about their child seeing nude art on an approved field trip earlier this year. The trip occurred back in March of this year when the teacher, Sydney McGee, took 58 fifth graders on a field trip to the local art museum. All of the students were required to have parent signed permission slips and the principal encouraged the trip according to McGee. But while at the museum, one child saw a nude sculpture and told their parents about it upon returning home. The parents then complained to the school and the teacher was placed on immediate paid administrative leave. After the school board discussed the matter, it was decided that McGee was to remain on administrative leave until her contract expires in March at which point she will be released from her contract. As an interesting side note, a public poll was taken on the website where this story was reported asking people if they would be offended by their children seeing nude art. Out of 42,667 votes, only 1,011 (2%) of people said that they would be offended.

Art Teacher Loses Job after Kids See Nude Sculpture (NBC10)

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