Art Bell announced last night that he is retiring from his popular Coast to Coast radio show.

Knowing that his listeners have heard him retire on previous occasions, Bell said, “This time it’s for real though. [chuckles] It’s for real.”

Bell explained that this time he was retiring not for some tragedy or emergency, but to be with his wife and infant daughter. Married a little over a year ago to Airyn (Ruiz) Bell, roughly 40 years his junior — he married her a few months after his wife, Ramona, died suddenly — daughter Asia Rayne Bell was born just a few weeks ago. Bell’s voice sounded emotional at times during the announcement, as if he was holding back tears:

“God has blessed me with love in my life at a time, frankly, when I thought I had lost any reason to live following Mona’s death: my wonderful wife Airyn and now our daughter Asia. I really want what time the Lord has left for me to be with them.”

Bell commented that on June 17th, he became eligible for Social Security. Then he laughed as he reflected on that fact. He turned 62 on that date.

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