Don “bridge to nowhere” Young (R, Alaska) shows his arrogance again by verbally attacking fellow Republicans who were questioning his latest grab for earmarked, pork spending cash.

Taking “strong exception” to the proposal by Scott Garrett (R, New Jersey) to strike Young’s pork spending on educational programs for native Alaskan and Hawaiians, Young threatened to “bite back” at his opponents.

“You want my money, my money,” Young stridently declared before warning conservatives that, “Those who bite me will be bitten back.”

According to, however, it was Garrett, not Young, who got the appreciation of Republican colleagues.

Members of the conservative Republican Study Committee gave Garrett a standing ovation later in the day during the group’s weekly meeting, an aide to one conservative member said.

And this had better be the case. Young is one of the worst offenders of pork spending in the Congress. As Politico reminds us…

And lest we forget, Young, who used to chair the House Transportation Committee, is responsible for the so-called “Bridge to Nowhere,” a proposed span connecting Ketchikan, Alaska, with the tiny island of Gravina that would have cost $315 million – and eventually came to symbolize profligate spending under Republican rule.

Oh, and he has spent more than $250,000 on legal fees so far this year at the same time that federal investigators probe some of his campaign’s biggest contributors.

Young, with his wasteful spending and bloated budget busting, is the poster child for why Republican and moderate voters turned away from the GOP in the 2006 midterms. His sort of arrogance is the kind that makes people wonder why they shouldn’t just vote for a real Democrat if their Republican guy in office is going to act like one anyway.

This guy is the worst kind of Republican.

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