There has been much discussion in the media this week regarding the in – custody death of Carol Gotbaum, on September 28th. Interviews with several who witnessed the arrest of the subject, mentioned “manhandling” and questioned the use of force, associated with the arrest. Perhaps the dangers that  TSA agents, and Police officers are asked to handle, should be mentioned as well. An emotionally disturbed person, in an airport, acting in an unpredictable – disorderly manner, is a disconcerting situation. Officers face emotionally disturbed person calls, (EDP) as part of their jobs; they are without a doubt potentially dangerous, each and every one. A resistant subject, in this situation will be subdued, and arrested for officer safety, regardless of size, shape, sex, or social status. A bomb, knife or gun, does not need a stereotypical - menacing, 6 foot 6 male subject to be effective. An EDP subject such as was encountered in this case, is an unknown – and officer and public safety always come first. Although this is a terrible tragedy, The Phoenix Police appear to have acted appropriately given the situation presented to them. The Medical Examiner’s investigation will determine any health or drug issues which may have contributed to the death of Mrs. Gotbaum, anything else is pure speculation

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