For the Fairborn (OH) Internet Crimes Unit

Last Friday, 60-year old Rodney Fafrak drove all the way down from Cleveland, Ohio, to Fairborn, Ohio (about a 4-5 hour jaunt) to meet up with his teenage cyberpal. Rodney brought a “quantity” of sex toys with him for the meeting with his female friend of the last 15 months. Unfortunately for Rodney, his pal was actually a Fairborn cop.

Rodney has been charged with importuning and attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. At the moment, he’s free on $7,500 bond. He’s to appear Tuesday in Fairborn Municipal Court.

I cannot fathom how anybody can really think a 14-year old girl is going to be waiting for them with open arms … you’re that stupid, you deserve the cop at the other end. In fact, I’d say it’s really almost too bad the cop can’t just shoot you when you show up.

Man brings sex toys to meet teen, finds officer | Kate blogs at The Original Musings.

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