In Friday’s edition of “Best of the Web Today,” James Taranto writes this analysis of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan giving Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres a tongue-lashing during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos:  

“One obvious point is that Turkey is hardly in a position to criticize Israel for responding firmly to terrorist attacks” (referring to repeated Turkish air and ground incursions into northern Iraq to go after the Kurdish Workers’ Party), and “[a] less obvious point is that Erdogan might have killed whatever chance his country had of becoming a member of the European Union” (because Erdogan’s anti-Semitism was too overt for Europeans, who  prefer to be more genteel in their Jew-hatred, according to Taranto).

An even less obvious point to Armenian Genocide denier Taranto is that Erdogan –  the head of a country whose Ottoman forebears committed genocide – was berating Peres – the head of a country that was founded by survivors of genocide – on “know[ing] well how to kill.”     

And the least obvious point to Taranto, is that by falsely claiming Israel committed genocide in Gaza, Erdogan – as did Arafat before him – creates an equivalence between the cause and scale of civilian killings, rendering the term “crime against humanity” meaningless. 

Taranto (whose Sephardic kinfolk somehow ended up in Turkey) considers himself a Turk and not a Jew, because he is an atheist – and yet he is also a Zionist. Given his competing loyalties, one wonders whether his head will explode with Erdogan the Turk and Peres the Israeli at each other’s throats.

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