It zapped him of health and freedom. Still Robert Daniels emerged from a battle with tuberculosis a healed man.
“It feels very good,” Daniels said “It’s nice to be out of a cell, nice to see the sun, the sky. I’m feeling very good.”Seven years ago, He contracted a rare, drug-resistant form of TB.

To cover up the fact the health department failed to treat him they claimed with out offering proof he wouldn’t take his medication or wear a mask in public.

So last year they had Sheriff Joe Arpaio confine Mr Daniels to a very special kind of ”hospital” jail ward. One where he was not given appropriate medical treatment for the condition.

When the floor staff at the hospital complained about the lack of treatment to the media, The sheriffs department responded quickly, by drapping the windows to block out sunlight, turning off the water and removing furniture. “I don’t want to talk about it,” said Daniels. “It gives me bad memories.”

Being a broke “foreign” born American Robert lingered in darkness, untreated and not even allowed to shower, When negative news of  his plight reached the blog and competent doctors started dishing-the county medical official in charge he ordered appropriate medical care be administered.

 But the Sheriff had already spoken his word on the subject to the local ass lick media so he or one of his goons must have called or paid a visit because the medical officer reversed his order without explanation a couple hours later.

Wise on the medical officials part cause if you piss off the Sheriff of Maricopa county enough you just may learn first hand why human rights groups list him as a man who commits crimes against humanity and several other Nations refuse to honor treaty extradition obligations when the destinations is his jail.

But the coattails of a lawyer with the same condition who made national headlines saved Mr Daniels from death, Lawyers and civil liberty groups got involved and while the sheriff is all powerful in Maricopa county Arizona the threat of having to pay out more millions in lawsuits and possible federal civil rights violations unlocked the cell door, for a few weeks.  

On July 17th of this year, the sheriff and county backed away from the wrath of lawyers and millions in future civil damages and Robert went to Denver’s National Jewish Medical and Research Center. In just two weeks, doctors did what Sheriff Joe and the Joseph Mengele medical institute graduates in maricopa county health refused to do for almost two years.

They gave him medical care and removed his TB infected left lung. Following six weeks of recovery, the hospital released him Tuesday morning fully recovered. “They literally saved my life,” admitted Daniels. “I’m no longer contagious.”

But Sheriff Arpaio like all cracker ass politicians lacks common sense so he wants to inconvenience Robert without risking those millions in damages, instead of remaining in Denver or returning to his native Russia,  He demanded Robert come back to Phoenix. “I would rather be in Denver than here,” he said. “I don’t like this place because it gave me very bad memories.”

His lawyers are now fighting a request by the sheriff and Maricopa County Health Department to fit him with a GPS enabled ankle bracelet. Sheriff Arpaio, who frequently spoke about the case declines to comment which is about the only smart thing nickle bag Joe has done so far in the matter. 

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