Arizona’s republican congressional delegation is rumored to be on the verge of total meltdown with yet another revelation of possible criminal “ethic” violations. This time the honorable Rick Renzi who holds the distinction of being twice honored as one of the most corrupt member of congress finds himself the target of a federal investigation.

While utterly denying the scurillious aspersions on his character and moral integrity
Rick Renzi none the less hired a top criminal lawyer Tuesday, two weeks before the Election , seems a federal investigation into the congressman’s activities is underway.

“Don’t know if there is an investigation,” quipped Renzi’s lawyer, “There’s really nothing there, other than these (news) reports.” On Tuesday, These same reports had authorities looking at a potential land-swap deal Renzi had been involved with last year. Neither Renzi nor anyone in his circle has been contacted by law enforcement officials, Renzi’s lawyer claimed.

Renzi, seeking a third term has been plagued by questions about his ethics from the beginning. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has twice listed Renzi, as one of the most corrupt members of Congress.

The U.S. attorney for Arizona would not confirm or deny whether an inquiry was under way. Which in political speak tends to signal the inks almost dry on the indictment

Sources in law enforcement in Washington report that the land-swap probe had been in the works for several months. It’s said the deal involved farmland along the San Pedro River. Near the Cochise County community of Hereford, bought in 2001 by James Sandlin, for nearly $1 million.

Late that year, Sandlin and his wife, Terry Russell, bought into a real estate development firm owned by Renzi. Renzi sold the rest of his company to the couple for at least $1 million.

Within days of Renzi telling a Sierra Vista audience that he would introduce a bill allowing the federal government to buy the property, Sandlin sold the parcel for $4.5 million to a group of investors.

[EDITED: Correction to name of CREW.]

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