Blogging from PHOENIX— Despite assurances from The Governor , Arizona’s new immigration identity law is already costing the cash strapped State millions of dollars in lost convention and tourism business. Passage of the soviet style identity statute, will require all individuals to provide law enforcement with identification papers on demand.

The law is being praised by most on the political right as a solution to the crimes caused by undocumented aliens despite evidence that it will actually impede investigation of crime and impose greater man power burdens on local police, the smugglers and drug dealers who fear community cooperation with police, will doubtless thrive in an atmosphere where both legal and illegal immigrants fear calling the authorities. Despite declarations from constitutional law experts that the law will require everyone conform to the concept of a soviet style police state, where all people, both native born American’s as well as immigrants are required to carry and present on demand their “papers” to any law enforcement official who demands them.

Partisan State officials continue to insist despite the statutes unambiguous wording the law targets only individuals who are in the State illegally. Most disturbing was the revelation that the primary author of the law has confirmed ties to a national white supremacist group which was funded by the 70 year old Pioneer fund, Kris Kobach a lawyer running for office in Kansas who represents the federation for American immigration reform is claiming credit for authoring the Arizona law, his group was started by Dr. John Tanton a self avowed white supremacist who took in at least a million dollars from the folks at the Pioneer group, which is infamous for its seventy year history of attempting to convince folks men like Adolf Hitler were right about eugenics.

A majority of Americans support reforming our outdated immigration policy and shoring up our boarders to prevent terrorists and undocumented aliens from entering the country, but polls indicate they are unaware the individuals and groups behind the current movement that produced the Arizona papers please law, are in fact documented members and associates of violent anti-American neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

The Governors decision to sign the bill into law may in fact spur debate by both democrats and republicans at the national level to address immigration reform, it will be remembered that George W. Bush attempted during his two terms to cultivate bipartisan support to establish a way forward on immigration reform but was blocked by powerful business interests who employ undocumented workers and avoid paying the costs associated with legitimate hires.

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